Catalogue Number 18, October 2010


Specializing in Antiquarian Materials about the Indian Ocean Islands and Rim

Please feel free to send this catalogue to friends, colleagues, or institutions interested in antiquarian materials about the Indian Ocean region. I would welcome receiving the names and email address of any potentially interested clients and WANT LISTS from anyone seeking specific items; I will do my best to find them for you.

This catalogue contains 50 books, 6 sets of government documents, 8 maps, and 25 prints. Many other items are available on my website: Please send orders or inquiries to Larry W. Bowman, Indian Ocean Books, Maps, and Prints, P.O. Box 232, Storrs, CT 06268-0232, USA, or via PHONE (860-429-4289), FAX (860-486-3347), or EMAIL: or  


1. Backhouse, James. A Narrative of a Visit to the Mauritius and South Africa (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co, 1844). 1st edn, xvi plus 648 pp plus lvi, 16 etched plates and 28 wood-engravings, large folding map, beautifully rebound in ¾ leather with marbled boards. $650

2. Baker, Ken. The B53 Obliterators of Mauritius (London, Harry Hayes, 1976). 1st edn, 8vo, 32 pp, illus. A hand-written letter from Peter Ibbotson, the great authority on Mauritian stamps, is folded in. $20

3. Beaton, Rev. Patrick. Creoles and Coolies or; Five Years in Mauritius (London, James Nisbet & Co., 1859). 1st edn, 12 mo, ix, 296 pp, woodcut frontis, original cloth. $500

4. Berning, Gillian. Clairmont Sugar Mill at the Local History Museum (Durban, Local History Museum, c. 1980. 1st edn, 8vo, 12 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. On the origins of the Natal sugar industry before 1900. $5

5. Bhacker, M. Reda. Trade and Empire in Muscat and Zanzibar: The Roots of British Domination (London and New York, Routledge, 1994; digital printing 2005). 1st edn, 8vo, 278 pp, 3 figures, 8 maps, 5 tables, new. $135

6. Bissoondoyal, Uttama. L’Ile Maurice et la Revolution Francaise (Moka, Mauritius, Mahatma Gandhi Inst., 1990). Fourteen papers on the impact of the French Revolution on the Mascarenes islands. 1st Ed. (24), 265 PP with 1 facsimile of document, , 5 tables & 13 figures in text. Card cover. New. French text $90

7. Bowen, Richard LeBaron Jr., Arab Dhows of Eastern Arabia, from The American Neptune IX, no. 2 (April 1949), pp. 87-132, with 17 figures and 16 plates. The entire issue is supplied. $25

8. Bowen, Richard LeBaron Jr., The Dhow Sailor, from The American Neptune, XI, No. 3 (July 1951), pp. 161-202, with 4 figures and 24 plates. The entire issue is supplied. $25

9. Brebner, C. W. New Handbook for the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal: With Miscellaneous Subjects for Sail and Steam, Mauritius Cyclones and Currents, Moon Observations and Sail-Making (Nabu Press, 2010). Reprint of 1898 1st edn, 238 pp, decorative paper cover. $40

10. Camoens, Luis de. The Lusiad: or, The Discovery of India. An Epic Poem. Translated from the original Portuguese by William Julius Mickle (London, T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, in the Strand, 1798). Two vols. 3rd edn, 8vo. vol 1, cccli, 146 pp, folding map of da Gama’s epic voyage; vol. 2, 444 pp. Both vols in ½ leather, gilt stamped decorative spine with lettering and number, somewhat worn. This is the great Portuguese epic poem of the discoveries with 351 pages on the history of the discoveries, the rise and fall of the Portuguese in the East, the life of Luis de Camoens, and The Lusiad and epic poetry; plus the poem itself of over 600 pp with annotations and explanations. A seminal work on the age of discoveries. $350

11. Cheke, A. & J. Hume. Lost Land of the Dodo. An Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion & Rodrigues (New Haven, Yale UP, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 464 pp, illus, dj, new. $100

12. Collingridge, T. A Harbour Guide to Port Louis—Mauritius (Port Louis, Mauritius Printing Co, 1960). 1st edn, 12 mo, 51 pp, plus folding maps and plates, pictorial soft cover. $40

13. Collis, Maurice. Raffles (London, Faber and Faber, 1966). 1st edn, 8vo, 228 pp, 5 maps, pictorial soft cover. $10

14. Correa, Gaspar. The Three Voyages of Vasco da Gama and his Viceroy from the Lendas da India of Gaspar Correa, accompanied by Original Documents (London, Hakluyt Society, 1869). Lxxx, 430 pp, xxxv, spine top chipped, ex-lib. $300

15. De Kervern, A. Mauritius: Cartes Postales—Picture Postcards 1901- 1955 (Newbury, UK, Indian Ocean Study Circle Study No. 8, 1992). 1st edn, 4to, 72 pp, map, richly illus, pictorial soft cover. $35

16. De l’Estrac, Jean-Claude, ed. Guides Special Elections Legislatives 20 Decembre 95 (Port Louis, Le Mag, 1995). 1st edn, 4to, 66pp, profusely illus, pictorial soft cover. A complete guide to the 1995 Mauritian election including, inter alia: photos of all candidates, electoral analysis of previous elections (1976, 1982, 1983, 1987, and 1991), and much more. A valuable source for Mauritian electoral history. $35

17. Foster, Cecil. 1700 Miles In Open Boats : The Story of the Loss of the S.S. Trevessa in the Indian Ocean, and the Voyage of Her Boats to Safety (London: Martin Hopkinson, 1926). $50

18. Garve, Andrew. A Hero for Leanda (New York, Harper & Bros., 1958). 1st edn, 8vo, 190 pp, ragged dj. A “Harper Novel of Suspense” about a plot to free an foreign leader held on an Indian Ocean island by the British (need we say, Makarios—Seychelles). $10

19. Gillham, Mary E. Islands of the Trade Winds: An Indian Ocean Odyssey (Minerva Press, 2000). 1st edn, 8vo, 452 pp, pictorial soft cover. On Aldabra. $100

20. Goodman, Steven M. and Jonathan P. Penstead, eds. The Natural History of Madagascar (Chicago, U. Chicago Press, 2003). 1st edn, 4to, 1709 pp, richly illus with tables, figures, plates, photos. A HUGE book. $85

21. Hall, Maurice. Window on Goa: A History and Guide (Quiller Press London, 1992). 1st edn, 214 pp, maps and color photography. $35

22. Hart, Robert-Edward. The Poet of the Indian Ocean (The Mosher Press Portland, Maine 1937). Translated by Edna Worthley Underwood. 1st edn, 8vo, 29 pp, 5 illus, some pages still uncut. $40

23. Hindu Drama Festival organized by The First Mauritius Hindu Scouts at the Plaza, by kind permission of the Ag. Commissioner of Police, 26th January 1956 at 8:30 p.m. Under the Distringuished Patronage of Maj. Gen. B. Chatterjee, Commissioner for the Govt. of India and Hon. G. J. M. Schilling, Island Scouts Commisioner (Port Louis, Impr. Aux Galeries Populaires, 1956). 1st edn, 8vo, 12 pp program and ads, pictorial soft cover. $25

24. Hornell, James. The Indian Pearl Fisheries of the Gulf of Manar and Palk Bay (Madras, Madras Fisheries Department, 1922). This is a reprint edition (Charlestown, SC, Bibliolife, 2010). 188 pp, pictorial soft cover, new. $30

25. Hughes, John Scott. Kings of the Cocos The Story of the Settlement on the Atoll of Keeling-Cocos in the Indian Ocean. Composed Mainly From Contemporary Accounts. (London: Methuen, 1950). 1st edition, 164pp. 16 b/w plates, 5 text illustrations and endpaper map, dj. $125

26. (India and South Africa) Three papers. Reddy, E. S. India and South Africa: A collection of papers (Durban, Univ. of Durban-Westville, 1991). 1st edn, 4 to, 29 pp, pictorial soft cover; plus, South Africa and the Indian Ocean Rim: Obstacles and Opportunities, Proceedings of a Workshop…at Univ. of the Witswatersrand, 23 November 1995 (Braamfontein, Foundation for Global Dialogue, 1995). 1st edn, 4to, 40 pp, pictorial soft cover; and Greg Mills, India and South Africa: The Search for Partnership (Johannesburg, The South African Institute of International Affairs, 1997). 1st edn, 4 to, 39 pp, pictorial soft cover. All three items for $30

27. International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies, Perth, Western Australia, 1979. Three items: Conference Program, 4to, 16 pp, decorative paper cover; Section II, Trade & Development, 10 scholarly papers, 4to, 196 pp, decorative paper cover; Section IV, International Relations, 13 scholarly papers, 4to, 163 pp, decorative paper cover. All three items for $30

28. Jessett, Montague George. The Key to South Africa: Delagoa Bay (London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1894). 1st edn, 12mo, 178 pp, 12 illus, ads. INSCRIBED presentation copy by the author. $100

29. Johnstone, Denise. Reveil Seychellois: Life in Seychelles 1770-1903 (Mahe, Calusa Bay Publications, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 138 pp, 35 illus, pictorial soft cover, new. $35

30. Larson, Pier M.Ocean of Letters – Language and Creolization in an Indian Ocean Diaspora (Cambridge, Cambridge Univ Pr, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 398 pp, 18 illus, 5 maps, pictorial softcover, new. Ocean of Letters is a remarkable history of imperialism, language, and creolization in the largest African diaspora of the Indian Ocean in the early modern period. Ranging from Madagascar to the Mascarenes, the Comores, and South Africa, Pier M. Larson sheds new light on the roles of slavery, emancipation, oceanic travel, Christian missions, and colonial linguistics in the making of Malagasy-language literacy in the islands of the western Indian Ocean $40

31. Le Geyt, Captain P. S. Makarios in Exile (Nicosaia, Anagennisis, 1961). 1st edn, 8vo, 192 pp, 21 illus, 2 maps. This is a rare Seychelles item. $450

32. Leguat, Francois. The Voyage of Francois Leguat of Bresse to Rodriguez, Mauritius, Java, and the Cape of Good Hope (London, Hakluyt Society, 1891). 2nd edn (1st 1708), 2 vols. Lxxxviii, 137; xviii (139)-433; 27 plates, maps, and charts, including 10 folding, original blind stamped cloth, gilt cover vignette, gilt spine title letters and numbers, both volumes largely uncut. A fine copy of this rare title. $750

33. Lickford, Peter. Shipwreck or Shangri-la? (Dobbs Ferry, NY, Sheridan House, 2001). 1st edn, 8vo, 320 pp, 27 color photos, two map, decorative soft cover, new. The story of a sailing trip from Durban to Thailand and Malaysia, but overwhelmingly focused on the wreck of their boat in the Salomon Atoll near Peros Banhos in the Chagos Archipelago and their many and varied adventures their as they sought to get the boat repaired so they could make their way home. $30

34. Mathur, Hansraj. Parliament in Mauritius (Rose-Hill, Editions de L’Ocean Indien, 1991). 1st edn, 8vo, 321 pp, illus, soft cover. A detailed study of the parliamentary history of Mauritius from the onset of British control in 1810 to 1990. $30

35. McClung, Robert Gale. Captain Crowninshield Brings Home an Elephant, The American Neptune 18, 2 (April 1958), 137-141 (purchased in Calcutta, this was the first elephant ever brought to America). This issue also includes, Robert W. Kenny, The Maiden Voyage of Ann and Hope of Providence to Botany Bay and Canton, 1798-1799, pp. 105-136. The entire issue is supplied. $15

36. Miller, Russell. The East Indiamen (Alexandria, VA, Time-Life Books, 1980). 1st edn, 4to, profusely illus, pictorial hard cover, small “discarded” library stamp, condition of book is fine. $10

37. Nelson, Marilyn. Snook Alone (Somerville, MA, Candlewick Press, 2010). 1st edn, 4to, 41 pp, beautifully illustrated on every page by Timothy Basil Erving, dj, new. This is a lovely new book for both children and adults set on St. Brandon Atoll. It is the story of Abba Jacob, a monk on St. Brandon, and his devoted dog Snook who are separated during a cyclone, and is an evocative tale of their friendship. Nelson, an African-America writer, is a winner of many distinguished awards for both her children and adult books; she has visited Mauritius several times. This book is dedicated to “Father Jacques de Foiard Brown whose hand-drawn maps and stories of solitary retreats on the islands in St. Brandon’s Atoll in the Indian Ocean guided my imaginings of Snook’s adventure on Avocaire.” A wonderful Holiday present! This item can be signed or inscribed by the author upon request. $20

38. Nossiter, Harold. Northward Ho! Being the Log of a 35 ton Schooner from Sydney to Plymouth (London, H. F. & C. Witherby, 1937). 1st edn, 8vo, 222pp, 35 plates maps and figures. Lengthy warm INSCRIPTION by the author. $75

39. Owen, Captain W. F. W., R. N. Narrative of Voyages to Explore the Shores of Africa, Arabia, and Madagascar; Performed in H. M. ships Leven and Barracouta, under the direction of Captain W. F. Owen, R.N. by command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty (London, Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to His Majesty, 1833). 1st edn, 8vo, 2 vols. xxiii, 434 pp; viii, 420 pp, original cloth boards with gilt spine lettering. Illustrated with five engraved plates, four very large folding charts (Delagoa Bay, Mombasa, Mozambique, and the Cape of Good Hope), and 5 textual illus. The large folding chart of Delagoa Bay is supplied in facsimile. Owen’s voyages from 1822-1826 provided the first accurate charts of the African coastline. All of volume one and half of volume two are set in the Indian Ocean with great detail on the entire East African Coast from Somalia to the Cape, and also including Madagascar, Seychelles, Muscat. A seminal book on the Indian Ocean; very rare. $1000

40. Peerally, Prof. A. , ed. Social Sciences & Humanities and Law & Management Research Journal (Reduit, University of Mauritius, Vol 2, 1999). 1st edn, 8vo, 128 pp, pictorial soft cover, new. This issue includes six articles in the fields of economics (3), law (2), and management (1). $15

41. Plate Ltd. The Hundred Best Views of Ceylon from Photographs Taken By the Publishers (Colombo, Plate Ltd, 1904). 1st edn, oblong 11 ½ x 9 inches, sewn binding, worn paper cover. $50

42. (Portuguese Africa). Two rarely seen pieces by historian Malyn Newitt. Newitt, M., edited and translated, Account of a Journey made Overland from Quelimane to Angoche in 1752 (Salisbury, Rhodesia, Central Africa Historical Association Local Series No. 14, 1965). 25 pp, paper cover; and Newitt, M. D. D., Ignacio Caetano Xavier’s account of Portuguese East Africa, completed December 26, 1758. This paper was first published in Portuguese in 1955; here translated by Newitt (Lusaka, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, History of Central African Peoples Conference, 1963). 16 pp. Both papers for $25

43. (Portuguese Exploration). Two unusual pieces. Cortesao, Armando, The Portuguese Discovery and Exploration of Africa, from Comptes Rendus de la IVe Reunion Pleniere de L’Aetfat (Lisbonne et Coimbre, 16-23 septembre 1960) (Lisboa 1961; reprinted 1962), pp. 21-39. and Porter, Philip W., Benin to Bahia: A Chronicle of Portuguese Empire in the South Atlantic in the Fifteenth and Sixtenth Centuries, with Comments on a Chart of Jorge Reinel (St. Paul, MN, James F. Bell Book Trust, 1959). 18 oblong pp, 12 x 9 inches, full color reprint of Reinel’s Chart of 1534, 16 x 13 ½ inches in endpaper folder, decorative paper cover, as new. Both pieces for $35

44. Prior, James, Esq. R.N. Voyage Along the Eastern Coast of Africa, to Mozambique, Johanna, and Quiloa; to St. Helena; …in the Nisus Frigate (London, Sir Richard Phillips, 1819). 1st edn, 8vo, 114 pp, folding map, plate, beautifully rebound in marbled boards. $400

45. Ray, Indrani. French East India Company and the Trade of the Indian Ocean (Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 1999). 1st edn, 256 pp, $40

46. Riviere, Lindsay, ed. Elections 82 (Port Louis, Le Mauricien, 1982). 1st edn, 4to, 50 pp, profusely illus, pictorial soft cover. A complete guide to the 1982 Mauritian elections including. inter alia: maps of all the constituencies, photos of all the candidates, electoral history, voting information, and much more. $25

47. Stigand, Captain C. H. The Land of Zinj Being an Account of British East Africa, its Ancient History and Present Inhabitants (London, Constable & Co., 1913). 1st edn, 8vo, 351 pp, 33 illus, large folding map, warn cover. $125

48. Vine, David. Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 259 pp, 16 illus, dj, new. A brilliant new study. $35

49. The Jeffrey K, Weiss, FRPS, L., Collection of the Seychelles (London, Harmers, 2004). 1st edn, 4to, 28 pp of text, 48 full-page color plates, pictorial soft cover, as new. This is the auction catalogue for Weiss’ world famous collection of Seychelles stamps. $35

50. Yamashita, Michael. Zheng-He (Paris, France White Star 2006). 1st edn, 8vo, 447 pp, profusely illus, as new. A 20-year veteran photographer for The National Geographic retraces the legendary 15th Century voyage of Zheng-He, the first Chinese navigator of the oceans. Historical intro. by Gianni Guadalupi. $40



51. Correspondence respecting Certain Overpayments of Salary in Mauritius, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1885). 1st edn, folio, 52 pp, paper cover. $25

52. DE L’ ESTRAC, Jean- Claude (Chairman). REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE EXCISION OF THE CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO (Port Louis, Carl Achille, 1983). First Edition. Hardback.. 8vo. Hardbound by library from paper wraps book using original wraps as covers. pp 105. English and French texts. No. 2 of 1983. Ex British Foreign Office library with a few library markings else VG. A core document on the decisions leading toward establishing the US base on Diego Garcia. $90

53. Mauritius Education (9 publications): M. Joynathsing, V. Nababsing, P. Selwyn, and others, The Private Costs of Education in Mauritius (Univ. of Mauritius, School of Administration, 1988), 188 pp; Frank Richard, ed., Tertiary Education and Teacher Education Development Plan, Tertiary Education Newsletter (1993), 44 pp; Tertiary Education: Report of a Study Panel (May 1985), 26 pp; Mahatma Gandhi Institute Annual Report for 1984, 43 pp; Triennial Report for Education 1982-1984 (Government Printer, 1986), 32 pp; Santabaye Ballea, et al, Small ‘Libraries’ of Socio-Cultural Groups in Multi-Racial Mauritius (1983), 22 pp; Visitor to the University of Mauritius, Main Report (June 1987), 85 pp plus appendices; A. Parsuraman, Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, Education for Nation Building (1983-1987), 20 pp; A. Parsuraman, Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, Culture in Action, 1983-87, 10 pp. All nine pieces for $90

54. Mauritius Sugar Industry (2 publications): Appassamy, Freddy, ed. Sugar in Mauritius (Port Louis, PROSI, 1987). 4th edn, 8vo, 151 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. A comprehensive overview of the Mauritian sugar industry; and Jacques Koenig, C. B. E., Mauritius and Sugar (Port Louis, Ministry of Agriculture and The Sugar Industry, 1988). 1st edn, 4to, 20 pp, richly illus with color photos, charts, and tables; pictorial soft cover. INSCRIBED by the author. $35

55. Republic of Seychelles. National Development Plan, 1990-1994 (Mahe, Ministry of Planning and External Relations, 1990). 1st edn, 4 to, vol. 1, 110 pp; vol. 2, 318 pp; pictorial soft covers, as new. $50

56. Government of Seychelles, with the advice and assistance of UNEP, UNDP, and the World Bank, Achieving Sustainable Development, Environmental Management Plan of the Seychelles 1990-2000, presented to the people of Seychelles at the joint celebration of Liberation Day and World Environment Day at Victoria on June 5th, 1990 (Mahe, Dept. of Environment, 1990). 1st edn, 4 to, vol. 1, 135 pp, maps and charts; vol. 2, 164 pp, pictorial paper covers, as new. $50



Scans of most of these maps can be provided upon request;
they can also be professionally hand-colored if desired.

57. Bellin, J. N. Carte de L’Isle de Monbasa (Paris, c. 1749). Bird’s eye view of the island with compass rose, rhumb lines, fort, church, soundings. 8 x 6 ½ inches, later hand coloring. $75

58. Bellin, J. N. Ile Amsterdam and Isle St. Paul, from L’Abbe Prevost’s Histoire Generale des Voyages (Paris, c. 1757). Two engravings showing coastal views of each island with ships and sea and decorative ribbon titles. 4 ½ x 3 inches, later hand color. $50

59. Bellin, J. N. Plan de Pondicheri en 1741, from Abbe Prevost’s Histoire Generale des Voyages (Paris, c. 1751). 7 ½ x 6 inches, key to 39 sites, later hand color. $100. I also have a b/w copy for $75.

60. Bellin, J. N. Vue de Goa, and Plan de Goa, from Abbe Prevost’s Histoire Generale des Voyages (Paris, c. 1757). These two copperplate engravings are side by side on a single sheet. Vue de Goa, 7 x 4 ½ inches, is an elaborate view of the town wit ships in the foreground; Plan de Goa, 7 x 4 ½ inches, is a birds-eye view of the town with a key to 29 places plus ships, elephants, and much more. $100

61. Bellin, J. N. Plan de Madras et du Fort St. Georges Pris par les Francois le 21 Septembre 1746, from Abbe Prevost, Histoire Generale des Voyages (Paris, c. 1757). Copperplate engraving 11 ½ x 5 inches, b/w. A fine birds-eye view of Madras with ships at sea and a comprehensive key to 44 structures and places in the city. $100

62. Mallet, Goa, from Description de l’Univers (Paris, 1683). Copperplate engraving, 5 ½ x 4 inches, ribbon cartouche title, later hand color. A very elaborate birds-eye of the Portuguese settlement. $150

63. Moll, Herman. A Chart of ye East-Indies with the Coast of Persia, China, also the Phillipina, Moloca, and Sunda Islands, &c. (London, 1732). A rare Moll map detailing the coastlines of the Indian Ocean extending from Arabia, the Persian Gulf, and the northern tip of Madagascar in the West through India, the East Indies, the Philippines, China, and the northwest portion of Van Dieman’s Land (New Holland) to the East. Includes the Mascarenes, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Ceylon, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Malacca, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, etc. There are two large compass roses and rhumb lines. Original copperplate engraving, 14 x 11 inches, b/w. $275

64. Schley, J. V. Ile d’Ormus ou de Jerun/’Eiland Ormus of Jerun (Amsterdam, c. 1774). Schley was the engraver for the Dutch edition of Abbe Prevost’s, Histoire Generale des voyages. Copperplate engraving, 9 ½ x 7 ¾ inches, b/w. An elaborate birds-eye view of the island with many ships at sea, beautiful ribbon title, decorative borders. 9 ½ x 7 ¾ inches, b/w. $175



Scans of most of these prints can be supplied upon request; they can also be professionally hand-colored if desired. .

Africa, general:

65. Afrikanische Volker, from Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig (c. 1890). Careful detailed upper body and head drawings of 30 Africans from all parts of the continent. 10 ½ x 8 ½ inches, in full original color. $20

Ceylon and Maldives:

66. The Ceylon Pearl Industry, from The Saturday Magazine, published by the Committee of General Literature and Education, appointed by the Society for Pormoting Christian Knowledge (London, May, 9, 1835). 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches, b/w. This is the front page including masthead; the size is 11 x 7 inches. $35

67. Exotic Ceylon, from the San Francisco Chronicle Rotogravure Pictorial Section (February 10, 1929). Eight photographic views with captions on a large single sheet, 22 x 16 inches. $20

East Africa and Zanzibar:

68. Seven views of Zanzibar from four full sheets, 11 ½ x 7 ½ inches, bw, of La Tour du Monde (Paris, late 19th century). The views include: several of the Zanzibar waterfront, Arabes noirs de Zanzibar (10 x 6 ½ inches), and M’barak Mohammed (6 ½ x 4 ¾ inches) with some accompanying text. All four sheets for $40

69. The Sultan of Zanzibar at Ascot, from the Illustrated London News (June 19, 1875). 10 x 9 ½ inches, b/w. $20

70. The Sultan of Zanzibar visiting Messrs. Elkington’s Factory at Birmingham, from The Illustrated London News (1885). 9 ½ x 7 ½ inches, b/w. $15

71. The Sultan of Zanzibar at Liverpool, from The Illustrated London News (July 17, 1875). Three views: the Address of Welcome; On the Mersey; and Returning Thanks, on a single sheet, 13 ½ x 9 ½ inches, b/w. $25

72. Syed Barghash bin Said, Sultan of Zanzibar, from The Illustrated London News (June 19, 1875). 8 x 7 inches, b/w. A fine head and shoulder portrait of the Sultan with a dagger. $25

73. Six views of Dar-es-Salaam, from Das Buch fur Alle (late 19th century), 13 x 9 ½ inches, b/w. The views include: Hotel Furst Bismarck, Gouverneursvilla, Wali Seliman ben Nasr, and Araberstrasse, $25

74. Eight views of Zanzibar from three publications: The Illustrated London News (July 27, 1889), with two views: A Reception at the Sultan of Zanzibar’s Palace (9 ¼ z 6 ¾ inches; sketch by W. Churchill) and Negro Minstrels on Board a British Ship at Zanzibar (9 ¼ x 6 inches; sketch by W. J. Frost of the H.M.S. Garnet), both sketches on a single sheet 14 x 10 inches, b/w, with accompanying text overleaf; and Das Buch fur Alle (late 19th century) with four views incl: Um Quai, Die gebedte Batterie, the Sultan’s Palace and Lighthouse, and Das Schangani-Biertel, all four sketches on a single sheet, 13 x 9 ½ inches, b/w, with a tear through the sketch of the Sultan’s Palace; and Illustrirte Chronif der Zeit (1896) with two views: Anficht von Zanzibar (5 ½ x 4 ½ inches, b/w) and Sultan Hamed vin Ihwain bin Seyid bon Zanzibar (3 x 2 ½ inches, b/w) on a single sheet, 11 x 8 inches, with accompanying text. All three sheets for $45

India and the East Indies:

75. Five views of the Nicobar Islands: L’Archipel des Nicobar—Construits sur les greves de corail leurs bettes rappellent des ruches d’abeilles, from Journal des Voyages (Paris, 1889). 13 ½ x 9 ½ inches, b/w, with text overleaf; A Village in the Nicobar Islands, from The Illustrated London News (October, 5, 1889). 13 ½ x 9 ½ inches, b/w. These two are the same view. Iles Nicobar—Types d’Indigenes, from L’Univers Illustre (c. 1884), 9 ½ x 7 inches, b/w; Ein Urwald auf Bar Nicobar, from Die Illustrirte Welt (c. 1880), 9 ½ x 6 ½ inches, b/w; and Die Gombreroinselkim Indischen Ocean, from Illustrirte Zeitung (Feb. 3, 1866), 6 ½ x 3 ¾ inches, b/w. All five for $40.

76. Ten views of Bombay and the Malabar Coast: four views from Les Indes anglaises: Une voiture locale, Colonnade d’un temple hindou; Indigene allant au bazaar; and Bombay—La machine hydraulique, 14 x 10 inches, b/w, on a single sheet; Hafen in Bombay from Ueber Land und Meer (late 19th c), 8 ½ x 6 inches, b/w; Der Hafen von Bombay (late 19th c.) 8 ¾ x 6 inches; Eingeborene Bootsleute an der Malabar-Kuste (late 19th c.), 9 ½ x 6 ½ inches; and three views from Le Tour du Monde (c. 1880), from three different sheets: Fete du Moharum a Bombay: Les Tabouts sur la plage, 9 ½ x 6 ½ inches; Chef d’equipage a bourd du Goa, 6 ½ x 3 ¼, and Types malabars a bord du Goa, 9 ½ x 6 ½ inches. All ten views on seven different sheets for $45

77. The City of Malacca in the East Indies, engraved for Charles Theodore, Middleton, A New Complete System of Geography (London, J. Cooke, 1777). Copperplate engraving, 11 x 7 inches, beautifully matted. A view of Malacca from the sea showing the town, St. Pauls Church, with various sailing vessels of all sizes in the foreground. $150

78. Savana, Pondicherry, India. Stock Certificate for Savana: Societe Industrielle, Commerciale et Financiere (Bordeaux, 1951). The certificate is decorated with elaborate vignettes of elephants, oxcart, temple, native workers, and tropical flora. 9 ½ x 8 inches, sepia tone. $40

79. The Solar Eclipse Observatory in the Nicobar Islands, from The Illustrated London News (June 26, 1875). Six views: The Equatorial Camera; Browning’s Reflector & Spectroscopic Camera; Sig Tacchini’s Observatory; Observing Stations; Village of Malakka; and View from Eclipse Station on a single sheet, 14 x 9 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text provided. $30

80. The Nicobar Islands, Indian Ocean, from The Illustrated London News (Jan. 15, 1870). Two complete pages of the ILN with three views: Village of Mala, Point Mayo, Nancowry (9 ½ x 6 ¾ inches); Natives of the Nicobar Islands (9 ½ x 6 ¾ inches); and The Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean (14 x 5 ½ inches), all b/w with accompanying text. $30

81. Vue de Bombay et des montagnes du Malabar, from L’Illustration (c. 1870). A very large view, 13 x 7 inches, b/w, looking across the harbor to the peninsula to the mountains behind, with ships, a few people, and flora. $25

Mauritius, Reunion, and Seychelles:

82. Arago, Jacques, lithographer. Vue des Pamplemousses. (Ile Maurice.), from Jules-Sebastien Dumont d’Urville, Voyage de la corvette l’Astrolabe…Atlas Historique, Plate No. 228 (Paris, Tastu, 1833). The lithograph is from a plate drawn by Louis Auguste de Sainson. 12 ½ x 8 ½ inches, professionally matted and shrink wrapped, in excellent condition. $500

83. H. Castelmans, Ile Maurice. Five views: Types de l’ile Maurice: femmes; Types de l’Ile Maurice: hommes; Gorges de la riviere Noire; Vue de Peterboot, prise de la vallee des Pretres; and Le jacquier, from L’Illustration, Journal Universel (Paris, c. 1860), double page, 20 x 13 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text front and overleaf. $40

84. Gaildrau, Jules. Two views: Vue de Port-Louis (Ile Maurice) and Travaux du nouvean canal dans le lit de la Grande-Riviere (Ile Maurice), each 9 x 5 ½ inches, b/w, on a single sheet from L’Illustration, Journal Universel (Paris, 1863). $20

85. Port Louis—Statue of Bourdonnais, from Elisee Reclus, The Earth and its Inhabitants, Oceanica (New York, D. Appleton And Co, 1890). Woodcut, 7 ¼ x 5 inches, later hand coloring. A view of the statue from the ocean side with people, horse-drawn carts, much vegetation, and Pieter Both in the background. A facsimile of the title page will be provided. $75. A b/w copy is available for $50.

86. Sabatier, Leon Jean Baptiste, lithographer. Chute de la Grande Riviere. (Ile Maurice), from Jules-Sebastien Dumont d’Urville, Voyage de la corvette l’Astrolabe…Atlas Historique, Plate no. 224 (Paris, Tastu, 1833). The lithograph is from a plate drawn by Louis Auguste de Sainson. 12 ½ x 8 ½ inches, professionally matted and shrink wrapped, in excellent condition. $500

Red Sea and Arabian Peninsula:

87. L’Iman de Mascate et son envoye, from L’Illustration, Journal Universel (c. 1870s). Two views: M’tony, residence de l’Iman de Mascate (6 x 5 ½ inches) and Vue de Zanguebar (9 ¼ x 2 ¾ inches) on a full sheet, 14 x 10 inches, with much accompanying text front and overleaf. $45

South Africa and Mozambique:

88. Breakwater, Harbour, and Docks, Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope, from The Illustrated London News (Nov. 19, 1870). 13 ½ x 9 ½ inches, b/w. An elaborate etching of the harbor with Table Mountain in the background. $30

89. Cape Town and the Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope (London, Henry Fisher Caxton, 1825). Drawn by W. M. Craig; engraved by F. Goodall. 9 x 6 ½ inches, later hand coloring. A beautiful view of the harbor with ships in the foreground and Table Mountain behind. $35

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