Catalogue Number 22, February 2014


Specializing in Antiquarian Materials about the Indian Ocean Islands and Rim

Please feel free to send this catalogue to friends, colleagues, or institutions interested in antiquarian materials about the Indian Ocean region. I would welcome receiving the names and email address of any potentially interested clients and WANT LISTS from anyone seeking specific items; I will do my best to find them for you.

This catalogue contains 42 books; 30 articles, booklets, and ephemera; 5 government publications; 21 prints; and 7 maps. Many other items are available on my website: Please send orders or inquiries to Larry W. Bowman, Indian Ocean Books, Maps, and Prints, P.O. Box 232, Storrs, CT 06268-0232, USA, or via PHONE (860-429-4289), or EMAIL: or



1. Adam, John Louis. Histoires Vraies des Seychelles (Mahe, Printec Press, 1999). 2nd edn, 8vo, 120 pp, maps, b/w and color photos, pictorial soft cover, new. Short tales about many of the islands: 17-49 Aldabra; 51-58 Farquhar; also Assomption, Cosmoledo, Coetivy, Curieuse, Sainte Anne, La Digue, Praslin. $20

2. Bennett, Pramila Ramgulam, compiler. Mauritius: World Bibliographical Series Volume 140 (Oxford, Clio Press, 1992). 1st edn, 8vo, 151 pp, 2 maps, pictorial hard cover, as new. There are 537 annotated entries covering all aspects Mauritian life. $75

3. Bernardin de St. Pierre. Paul and Virginia, with a Memoir of the author (Philadelphia, Henry T. Coates & Co, n.d., but ca. 1890). 12 mo, 195 pp, lovely decorative hard cover. $20

4. Bernardin de St. Pierre. Paul and Virginia (Boston, John Knight, 1893). 24 mo, 322 pp, illus by Gambard and Marold, decorative hard cover, cover worn. $10

5. Bernardin de St. Pierre, J. Paul and Virginia (Chiswick, C. Whittingham, 1821). 24 mo, 144 pp, marbled endpapers, embossed gilt boards, four raised bands on spine, water-marks on a few blank pages at end, front hinge cracking but stable, text clean and tight, lovely small book. $65

6. Berthelot, Lilian. La Petite Mascareigne: Aspects de l’histoire de Rodrigues (Port Louis, Centre Culturel Africain, 2002). 1st edn, 8vo, 255 pp, 17 color and b/w illus, five maps, pictorial soft cover, as new. A very rich source of documents and documentation on the history of Rodrigues. $25

7. Bhacker, M. Reda. Trade and Empire in Muscat and Zanzibar: The Roots of British Domination (London, Routledge, 2005). 8vo, 278 pp, 8 maps, nine figures and tables. $50

8. Brewington, M. V. & Dorothy. Kendall Whaling Museum Prints (Sharon, MA, Kendall Whaling Museum, 1969). 1st edn, 4to, 209 pp, 580 images with full bibliographic information in text; 6 full-page color plates, 17 additional images in addenda, embossed gold leaf on spine and pictorial front cover. Pages 144-150 on the Indian Ocean include 16 prints including: Cape of Good Hope, Algoa Bay, Kerguelen, Amsterdam Island, Port Louis, Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar. The definitive pictorial study of American Whaling. INSCRIBED by Marion and Dorothy Brewington. $125 I also have a copy that is not inscribed for $75.

9. Caldwell, Elsie Noble. Satin Skirts of Commerce (New York, Richard R. Smith, 1945). 1st edn, 8vo, 204 pp, map, 37 illus, damaged dj. The book is largely about the Indian Ocean: 15-24 South Africa; 24-32 Mozambique; 32-36 Zanzibar; 36-38 Mombasa; 38-51 Seychelles; 56-68 Goa; 88-105 Malaya; 105-114 Java. $15

10. Carlquist, Sherwin. Island Life: A Natural History of the Islands of the World (Garden City, N.Y., The Natural History Press, 1965). 1st edn, 8vo, 451 pp, 7 color plates, profusely illus with photos and drawings, dj. Pages 381-407 Madagascar. An exceptional scientific work. $20

Carter, Marina D. and Philippe la Hausse de Lalouviere. Souillac: Village Historique et Cimetiere Marin (Port Louis, Heritage, 1997). 1st edn, 8 vo, 114 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover, new. $10

Carter, Marina, ed. Colouring the Rainbow: Mauritian Society in the Making (Port Louis, Center for Research on Indian Ocean Societies, 1998). 1st edn, 8vo, 158 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. The book is comprised of eight essays by leading Mauritian historians. $15

Chan Low, Jocelyn. ‘La VOC T’Eylandt Mauritius et Rodrigues” avec le voyage de Wolfert Harmensz Vers les Iles Rodrigues et Maurice 1601 (Port Louis, National Library, 2001). 1st edn, 8vo, 118 pp, profusely illus, pictorial soft cover, new. $25

Church, Albert Cook. Whale Ships and Whaling (New York, Bonanza Books, 1938). 1st edn, 8vo, 179 pp, 200 photos, pictorial endpapers, dj. The book is a pictorial history of American whaling taken from the New Bedford waterfront. $40

15. Collen, Lindsay. Getting Rid of It (London, Granta Books, 1997). 1st edn, 12 mo, 215 pp, dj. A fine novel about women struggling to find their voice in Mauritius. $5

16. D’Unienville, Raymond, Guy Rouillard, and Alain Mathieu, Comite de Publication. Dictionnaire of Biographie Mauricienne/Dictionary of Mauritian Biography, no. 60 (April 2010). pp. 2229-2318; Mutanda et Addenda, 19 pp; Index (to all 60 issues), 43 pp. Pictorial soft cover. $20

17. De Monfried, Henri and Ida Treat, Pearls, Arms, and Hashish: Pages from the Life of a Red Sea Navigator (New York, Coward-McCann, 1930). 1st edn, 8vo, 356 pp, 21 illus, endpaper map, pictorial gilt boards. $25

18. Ellis, Rev. William, F. H. S. Three Visits to Madagascar during the Years 1853—1854—1856, including a journey to the capital; with notices of the natural history of the country and of the present civilization of the people (New York, Harper & Bros, 1859). 1st USA edn, 8vo, 514 pp, 28 illus and one map, Beautifully rebound in black cloth with embossed spine and front cover from original edition. $75

19. Ellis, Rev. William, F. H. S. Three Visits to Madagascar during the Years 1853—1854—1856, including a journey to the capital; with notices of the natural history of the country and of the present civilization of the people (London, John Murray, 1859). Fifth thousand edn, 8vo, 476 pp, 27 illus, and one map, Hinges are cracking, water-marks on cover and a few pages, embossed spine and front cover are worn, some foxing. The portrait of the author facing Page 1 is SIGNED by the author. This is a very rare signed copy by this London Missionary Society missionary who did important work both in the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific. $175

20. Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. (Three items). 1. Ethnicity in Mauritius: Its meaning, organisation, and relevance (Oslo, Dept. of Social Anthropology, 1987). 1st edn, 4 to, 154 pp, bound cyclostyled copy, occasional underlining in text, paper cover. 2. An offprint : Ethnicity versus Nationalism, Journal of Peace Research, Vol 28, no. 3 (August 1991), 263-278. 3. A Working Paper: The Tension Between Ethnicity and Nationalism, Working Paper No. 5, Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo (1990), 25 pages. All three for $20.

21. Foster, Cecil. 1700 Miles in Open Boats: The Story of the Loss of the S. S. Trevessa in the Indian Ocean, and the Voyage of Her Boats to Safety (London, Martin Hopkinson & Co., 1924). 1st edn, 8vo, 173 pp, 30 illus, 3 maps. SIGNED in two places by Captain Foster. $50

22. The Imperial Guide to India including Kashmir, Burma, and Ceylon (London, John Murray, 1904). 1st edn, 12 mo, 244 pp, ads, 27 full-page illus, 12 maps many folding and in color, 7 color plates, large folding map in slip pocket, cloth cover quite worn, pencil comments and underlining in text. $100

23. Keller, Professor Dr. C. Madagascar, Mauritius and the Other East-African Islands (New York, Negro Universities Press, 1969). Reprint of 1901 1st edn, 8vo, 242 pp, 68 maps and illus. Pages 1-165 Madagascar; 166-199 Mascarenes; 200-216 Seychelles and Aldabra; 217-238 Amsterdam, St. Paul, Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen, Heard. $50

24. Khaw, K. H. Penang: Pearl of the Orient Information Guide (George Town, Penang, 1951). 1st edn, 12 mo, 70 pp, many b/w illus, ads, two small folding maps, one large folding street map of Penang, pictorial cardboard cover. A lovely detailed guide book. $75

25. Kidder, J. H. Contributions to the Natural History of Kerguelen Island, Made in Connection with the American Transit-of-Venus Expedition, 1874-75. Vol 1. Ornithology, edited by Elliott Coues (Washington, Government Printing, 1875). 1st edn, 8vo, 122 pp. $30

26. Kingston, W. H. G. My First Voyage to Southern Seas (London, T. Nelson and Sons, 1869). 1st edn, 12 mo, 528 pp, illus, gilt front board with elephant, spine sunned. Pages 167-174 Cape Town; 175-193 Mauritius; 199-251 an unnamed island with coco-de-mer/Praslin?; 252-452 Ceylon; 452-453 Maldives; 453-455 Aden; 487-489 Mozambique Island. Award plate from Perth Academy on inside front cover. $25

27. Larkin, Emma. Finding George Orwell in Burma (New York, The Penguin Pres, 2005). 1st edn, 8vo, 294 pp, map. George Orwell spent five years in Burma in the 1920s as an officer in the Imperial Police Force. The author, writing under a pseudonym, both traces Orwell’s years in Burma, and uses Orwell’s novels, Burmese Days, Animal Farm, and 1984 as vehicles to reflect on decades of military rule in Burma. $10

28. Leblond, Marius-Ary. Madagascar Creation Francaise (Paris, Librairie Plon, 1934). 1st edn, 12 mo, 255 pp, map, water-marks on paper cover. Warmly INSCRIBED by the author. $45

29. Lee, Christopher. Seychelles: Political Castaways (London, Elm Tree Books, 1976). 1st edn, 8vo, 169 pp, b/w photos, dj. INSCRIBED by James R. Mancham, First President of Seychelles, and a glossy photo of Mancham is included. $20

30. Lickford, Peter. Shipwreck or Shangri-La? (Dobbs Ferry, NY, Sheridan House, 2001). 1st USA edn, 8vo, 320 pp, color photos, pictorial soft cover, as new. A story of shipwreck and survival on the Salomon Atoll in the Chagos Archipelago. $15

31. Ly-Tio-Fane Pineo, Huguette. In the Grips of the Eagle: Matthew Flinders at Ile de France 1803-1810 (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1988). 1st edn, 8vo, 223 pp, 23 illus, 9 maps and charts, pictorial soft cover, new. INSCRIBED by the author. $40

32. Millon, Philippe, Jean-Jacques Petter, and Georges Randrianasolo, Faune de Madagascar: Oiseaux , XXXV (Paris, CNRS; and Tananarive, OSTROM, 1973). 1st edn, 8vo, Vol. 1. 263 pp, map, 10 pages of illus, pictorial soft cover; bookplate of S. Dillon Ripley. Vol. 2, Planches, 18 pages of plates, 17 in full color, featuring drawings of 247 birds. $40

33. O’Brian, Patrick. The Mauritius Command (New York, W. W. Norton, 1991). 1st paperback edn, 8vo, 348 pp, maps, pictorial paper cover. $5

34. Olsen, Catherine. Sweet Seduction and the Third Mermaid (London, Quartet Books, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 376 pp, pictorial soft cover. The novel is set in the Seychelles, The author is married to Sir James Mancham KBE, former President of Seychelles. $25

35. Pidoux, Edmond. Madagascar maitre a son bord (Lausanne, Editions du Soc, 1962). 1st edn, 8vo, 241 pp, map, b/w illus, pictorial soft cover. $20

36. Saron, Gilbert. Madagascar et Les Comores (Paris, Paul Hartmann, 1953). 1st edn, 8vo, map, unpaginated. This is a book of 184 b/w photographs by Robert Lisan. There are accompanying notes on all of the photos. There is a very diverse selection of subjects. $35

37. Sherman, Stuart C. The Voice of the Whaleman With an Account of the Nicholson Whaling Collection (Providence, Providence Public Library, 1965). 1st edn 8vo, 216 pp, 24 illus, dj. This is a scholarly book detailing logbooks, private journals, account books, and consulate and customs records held in the Providence Library’s major whaling collection. $15

38. Spurr, David. The Rhetoric of Empire: Colonial Discourse in Journalism, Travel Writing, and Imperial Administration (Durham, Duke UP, 1993). 1st edn, 8vo, 212 pp, pictorial soft cover, as new. $10

39. Stow, Dorrik. The Ocean: An Illustrated Reference (Chicago, Univ. of Chicago Press, 2005). 1st edn, 4to, 256 pp, profusely illus in color throughout with photos, drawings, diagrams, charts, dj, new. $25

40. Turner, Malcolm. Shipwrecks & Salvage in South Africa 1505 to the Present (Cape Town, C. Struik, 1988). 1st edn, 4to, 224 pp, lavishly illustrated on every page with photos, documents, maps, and prints, pictorial endpapers, dj, as new. $50

41. Veevers-Carter. Wendy Day. Island Home (New York, Random House, 1970). 1st edn, 8vo, 345 pp, many lovely drawings, dj. A memoir by the daughter of Clarence Day (Life with Father) of living on the tiny coral island on Remire in the Amirantes with her husband, children, and a few Seychellois during the 1960s. $20

42. Waiz, S. A. compiled and edited. Indians Abroad Directory 1934 (Bombay, Imperial Indian Citizenship Association, 1934). 2nd edn, 8vo, xvii, 672 pp, many ads, gilt lettering, folding map. INSCRIBED by the editor. Pages 10-76 Ceylon; 79-82 Maldives; 83-115 Malaya; 122-127 Dutch East Indies; 173-186 Aden; 187 Muscat; 257-270 Somaliland; 271-352 Kenya; 385-394 Zanzibar; 395-426 Tanganyika; 427-434 Portuguese East Africa; 443-520 South Africa; 524 Seychelles; 525-528 Madagascar; 529 Reunion; 530-549 Mauritius. $250



43. Axelson, Eric. Discovery of the Farthest Pillar Erected by Bartholomew Dias, disbound from The South African Journal of Science, Vol. XXXV (1938), 417-429 with six text figures, paper cover. $15

44. Bertoncini, E. Stylistical Analysis of Swahili Prose Fiction. (n.d., but ca. 1980). This is a 46 page typed ms. $10

45. Company Culture: British Artists and the East India Company 1770-1870 (New Haven, Yale Center for British Art, 2003). 1st edn, 12mo, 20 pp, color illus, pictorial soft cover. This is the exhibition catalogue for a show curated by Morna O’Neill. $15

46. Convergence: Contemporary Art from India and the Diaspora (Storrs, CT., The William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, 2013). 1st edn, 4to, 42 pp, profusely illus. With color photos, pictorial soft cover, new. This is the catalogue for an exhibit organized by Professor Kathryn Myers. $5

47. Dickinson, R. W. Sofala, disbound from Rhodesiana, Vol 10 (July 1964), 45-53, including six illustrations of the Portuguese fort that was situated twenty miles south of Beira, Mozambique. $10

48. Flynn, John. Digging into the Past: Monsters of Madagascar, disbound from National Geographic Magazine (August 2000), 44-57, text, map, and color illus. With photographs by Maria Stenzel and Mark Thiessen, and art by Mark Hallett. The article is on dinosaur and other Mesozoic animal fossils found in Madagascar. $5

49. Ford, Canon E. B. Some Points Connected with the Discovery of the Cape by Bartholomeu Dias, 1488. Disbound from the South African Journal of Science, Vol XVI (1919), 354-364, including a map, paper cover. $15

50. Franda, Marcus. The Indian Ocean: A Delhi Perspective (Hanover, NH, American University Field Staff Reports, Southeast Asia Series, Vol. XIX, No. 1, 1975). 1st edn, 4 to, 11 pp, pictorial wraps. $5

51. Gaines, Charles, A University of Bones, from Forbes FYI (USA, 2000), 78-84. This is a well-illustrated article on bone fishing in Seychelles. The entire issue is supplied. $5

52. General Staff Intelligence, H. Q. East Africa Command, Nairobi, Kenya. EAC/1023/59/IB. Subject: African Societies and Associations <CONFIDENTIAL> 22 Nov. 1945. 35 foolscap/folio pages (13 x 8 inches). One hundred and ninety-nine (199) African organizations are reviewed as to name, locale, leaders, aims and objectives, and then categorized as genuine, religious/educational, commercial, subversive, or political. $50

53. Gray, Sir John M. Two typed manuscripts. 1. The Hadimu and Tumbatu of Zanzibar, 30 folio pages (subsequently published in Tanzania Notes and Records (1977); and Bull Baiting in Pemba, 19 folio pages (subsequently published in Azania (1980). Both for $15

54. (Horn of Africa). Two Papers. Hiram A. Ruiz, Beyond the Headlines: Refugees in the Horn of Africa (Washington DC, U. S. Committee for Refugees, 1988). 1st edn, 8vo, 44 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover; and J. Gus Liebenow, The Caucus Race: International Conflict in East Africa and the Horn of Africa (Hanover, NH, American Universities Field Staff Reports, Africa, Vol. XI, No. 1, 1977). 1st edn, 4 to, 9 pp, pictorial cover. Both for $10

55. The Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace, reprint from World Armaments and Disarmament (Stockholm, SIPRI Yearbook, 1975), pp. 60-91. 8vo, paper cover. $10

56. Hemisphere: An Asian Australian Magazine. Vol. 23, no. 3 (May/June 1979). Tall 8vo, pp. 130-192, profusely illus, pictorial paper cover. This issue is comprised of nine articles on Indian Ocean history from the 17th to 19th century. $10

57. Jukes, Geoffrey. The Indian Ocean in Soviet Naval Policy, Adelphi Papers No. 77 (London, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, 1972). 1st edn, 8vo, 30 pp, paper cover. $10

58. Kidwai, Abdur Raheem. A Guide to English Translations of the Quran (Port Louis, The Hassam Toorawa Trust, 1997). Occasional Paper No. 2, 19 pp, 8vo, pictorial soft cover. $10

59. La Gazette des Iles de la Mer des Indes No. 5 (Mai 1986). Tall 8vo, pp. 209-256, maps, ads, and b/w illus, pictorial paper cover. This issue contains numerous articles on Mauritian history, largely in the 19th century. $10

60. Madagascar 1964 (Tananarive, The Wednesday Group, 1964). 1st edn, 8vo, unpaginated, but 104 pp, 52 illus, pictorial soft cover. This is a week-by-week appointment calendar for 1964; each week has a full-page b/w photo or drawing accompanying it, showing a rich variety of Malagasy life. Text in English, French, and Malagasy. $15

61. Madagascar: Country Profile 1994-95 (London, The Economist Intelligence Unit, 1994). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 36 pp, map, pictorial cover. $5

62. Marine Resources as a Base for Industrial Development: Problems and Prospects in the Western Indian Ocean Island States (Regional and Country Studies Branch, Studies and Research Division, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (15 September 1986). 106 page report including 47 tables, and a 18 page bibliography. $15

63. (Mascarenes). Wendy Strahm, Nicholas Hind, and others. Curtis’s Botanical Magazine (Blackwell Publishing for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, November 1996). Vol 13, No. 4, 66 pp, 6 botanical color plates, and other illus. The entire issue is given over to scientific articles on the vegetation, botanical history, and the conservation of the flora of the Mascarene islands. $25

64. Mauny, Raymond. The Wakwak and the Indonesian Invasion in East Africa in 945 A.D., offprint from Studia, Revista Semestral, No. 15 (Maio, 1965), 7-16. $10

65. Premillieu, Cyrille. Chants et Poemes avec des interpretations en texte malgache de DOX (Tananarive, La Librairie de Madagascar, 1962). 1st edn, 8vo, 42 pp, illus with drawing by Thomas Robinson and the author, pictorial soft cover. The poems are in French and Malagasy. $15

66. Remnek, Richard B. Superpower Security Interests in the Indian Ocean (Alexandria, VA, Center for Naval Analysis, Professional Paper 285, 1980), 1st edn, 4 to, 26 pp, plus four pp, card cover. $5

67. (Rodrigues) Two items. 1. Rodrigues Local Council: Participons notre Developpement (1992), two-sided color pamphlet; (2) Rodrigues Island Fact Sheet (Ministere de Rodrigues, 1992), 6 pages. $5

68. Shaffer, Holly. Adapting the Eye: An Archive of the British in India, 1770-1830 (New Haven, CT, Yale Center for British Art, 2011). 1st edn, 16 mo, 36 pp, beautiful color illus on early every page. This is the catalog for the exhibition held at the Center from October 11-December 31, 2011. Includes a bibliography plus a list of 150 books and art works held in the permanent collection from this period. $10

69. Silhouette: Magazine of Air Seychelles, vol. 8, no. 2 (1997). 1st edn, 4to, 96 pp, profusely illus with color photos, maps, and several articles by noted Seychelles experts: Adrian Skerrett and William McAteer. $10

70. (Smuggling). Two papers. 1. Miller, Norman. The Indian Ocean: Traditional Trade on a Smuggler’s Sea (Hanover, NH, American Universities Field Staff Reports, Africa/Asia, No. 7, 1980). 1st edn, 4 to, 23 pp, 3 maps, numerous b/w photos, tables and charts, pictorial wraps. 2. Esmond Bradley Martin, The Geography of Present-Day Smuggling in the Western Indian Ocean: The Case of the Dhow (Perth, ICIOS Conference, 1979), 15 page single-spaced paper. Both for $10

71. South Africa: A Perennial Holiday Land (Johannesburg, South African Railways and Harbours, 1929). 1st edn, 32 pp pamphlet, map, b/w photos on every page, pictorial soft cover in color. $15

72. (Sri Lanka). Warnapala, W. A. Wiswa. Parliamentary Government or One Party Dictatorship. Offprint from India Quarterly (July-December 1982), 267-288. $5



73. (Indian Ocean). Mauritius & Seychelles Business Directory incorporating Madagascar, Reunion, and Rodrigues (Curepipe, B & T Directories, 2002). 8vo, 248 pp, pictorial cover. $15
74. (Mauritius) Towards New Dimensions for Tourism:National Forum on Tourism 27-28 May, 1992 (Port Louis, Ministry of Tourism, 1992). 24 pp, 8vo, pictorial paper cover. $5

75. (Mauritius). Republic of Mauritius Residential & Business Listings 2002 Phone Book (Port Louis, Mauritius Telecom, 2002). Tall 8vo, 1145 pp, plus 16 pp for Rodrigues, pictorial cover. $20

76. (Seychelles). Two phone books. 1991 Seychelles Phone Book (Mahe, 1991). 4 to, c. 300 pp, pictorial cover; and 1997 Seychelles Phone Book (Mahe, 1997). 4 to, 320 pp, pictorial cover. Both books include telex, telefax, telephone, historical section, government information, visitors directory, tourist information, and many ads. Both for $20

77. (Zanzibar). Two court cases. 1. His Highness the Sultan’s court for Zanzibar In the First Class Subordinate Court. Civil Case No. 237 or 1957 Hamadi Bin Khamis Mbalambo, Plaintiff versus Said Bin Shamis, Defendant. Certified Copy of the Judgment in the Above Case. Seven folio pages, signed by J. M Gray, Acting Judge, 3/12/57. The judgment is bound with a ribbon and sealed with wax. 2. Same Court. Civil Case No. 369 of 1955. Bibi Sheikha Binti Nassor bin Kassim el Riyamia by her duly constituted attorney Mohamed bin Salim bin Sultan el Riyami, Plaintiff versus Said Bin Suleiman El-Kuseimi, Defendant. Certified copy of Judgment in the Above Case. Ten folio pages, E. J. E. Law, Assistant Judge, 22.2.1957. The judgment is bound with a ribbon and sealed with wax. Both for $50



Scans of most of these prints can be provided upon request; they can also be professionally hand-colored if desired.

78. (Ceylon). Cinghalese Chiefs Waiting for the Prince of Wales at Kandy, Ceylon, from The Illustrated London News (Jan. 15, 1876). This is the complete front page of this issue including the elaborate masthead, 15 x 9 ½ inches, b/w. $35

79. (Ceylon). Cinnamon Culture in the Island of Ceylon, from Harper’s Weekly (May 19, 1883). Seven views on a single sheet, 15 x 9 ½ inches, with later hand color, and accompanying text, front and verso. $25

80. (Ceylon). Wana-Ranee The Perfume of Ceylon, from The Illustrated London News (October 4, 1919). This is a full-page ad, 15 x 9 ½ inches, b/w, with illustrations and text, viz: “Wana-Ranee is prepared in every form necessary for the perfectly harmonious toilet which distinguishes the woman of taste.” $25

81. (Crozet Islands). The Wreck of the Strathmore: The Island with Turf Tower Erected by the Survivors—Making Signals to a Ship, from The Illustrated London News (April 15, 1876). This is the full front page of this issue, 15 x 9 inches, b/w, including an elaborate masthead; and Life on the Crozet Islands, from The Illustrated London News (April 22, 1876), four views on a single sheet, 15 x 9 inches, b/w. The views on both pages are taken from drawings made by Spencer Joslyn who was a passenger on the Strathmore. There were 44 survivors of this wreck and they were on Crozet Island for seven months before being rescued by an American Whaling ship, the Young Phoenix, who took them to Mauritius. Both pages for $45

82. (Dodo). Der Dodo (c. 1848). Engraving of two dodos, 4 ½ x 3 ½ inches, b/w, on an 11 x 8 inch page with German text. $5

83. (Dodo). Didus Ineptus (Dodo) with Sacred Kingfisher and Male Garganey. Drawn by S. Edwards (London, G. Kearsley, 1808) and published in Pantologia: A New Cyclopaedia (London, 1813). The three birds are represented on a single sheet, 9 ½ x 5 ½ inches, original color. A facsimile of the title page is also included. $100

84. (H.M.S. Challenger). H. M. S. Challenger’s Scientific Ocean Surveying Expedition. Two views of the Challenger in the Southern Ocean: Off Cape Challenger, The Most Southern Extremity of Kerguelen Island; and Among the Icebergs of the Antarctic, from The Illustrated London News (November 28, 1874), 14 x 9 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text overleaf. $20

85. (Lemur). L’Aye-Aye ou ecureml de Madagascar, from Magasin Pittoresque (Mars, 1839). The woodcut of the Aye-Aye is 6 x 5 inches, b/w; The full page is 10 ½ x 7 inches, with accompanying text front and verso. $45

86. (Mauritius). Five prints on a single page: Types de l’ile Maurice: femmes; Gorges de la riviere Noire; Le jacquier; Types de l’ile Maurice: hommes; et Vue de Peterboot, prise de la vallee des Pretres, from L’Illustration, Journal Universel (Paris, c. 1857). The etchings are on a single double-page, 20 x 13 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text front and verso by H. Castelmans. The prints are “D’apres les photographies de MM. Chambay et Legorgue.” $30

87. (Mauritius). L’ile Maurice—Pont de la Grande-Riviere, from Le Monde Illustre (c. 1870), 7 ½ x 6 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text by Fulgence Girard. $20

88. (Mauritius). Two prints: “The Souffleur” from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (October 1873), as drawn from Nicolas Pike, Sub-Tropical Rambles in the Land of the Aphanapteryx (New York, 1873). 4 ½ x 4 inches, later hand color; and The Souffleur Rock, Mauritius (London Spottiswoode & Co., n.d., but c. 1870. 7 x 4 ½ inches, hand-tinted wood engraving. Both for $20

89. (Mauritius). Ascent of the Peter Botte Mountain, in the Mauritius, from The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (June 15, 1833). This print is from the front page of this issue including the masthead, 10 x 6 ½ inches, b/w, and beautifully matted and shrink-wrapped. $50

90. (Mauritius). Francolin de L’Ile de France, from Pierre Sonnerat, Voyage a la Nouvelle Guinee…(Paris, Ruault, 1776). Copperplate engraving, 8 x 6 inches, later hand color. This book which documented Sonnerat’s voyage from Mauritius to the East was famous for its 119 plates, many of which were of birds. $50

91. (Mauritius). Voyage d’Ida Pfeiffer, Ile Maurice, from Le Tour du Monde (Paris, 1861), pp. 305-320, with full-page map and 11 etchings. $50

92. (Mauritius). Port Louis—Statue of Bourdonnais, from Elisee Reclus, ed. The Earth and its Inhabitants (New York, D. Appleton, 1890). 7 ½ x 5 ½ inches, later hand color. $75

93. (Oman). Bombardment of Fort Masnaah, Gulf of Oman, from The Illustrated London News (May 9, 1874), 9 ½ x 5 ½, b/w, with accompanying text overleaf. The fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century. ILN readers were assured that “This example at Masnaah will have a beneficial effect on all the disorderly tribes of the coast.” $25

94. (Slave Trade). Views on the Slave Coast, East Africa, from The Illustrated London News (March 6, 1875). Six Views of Lamoo; Melinde; Brava; Vasco de Gama Pillar; Melinde; and Town of Mombasa on a single sheet, 14 x 10 inches, with accompanying text overleaf, later hand color. $40 I also have a b/w version for $25

95. (Slave Trade). The East African Slave Trade: Steam-Pinnace of H. M. S. London Chasing a Slave Dhow, from The Illustrated London News (De. 17, 1881), double-page, 18 ½ x 12 ½ inches, b/w. $45

96. (Zanzibar). Two views: The British Consulate, Zanzibar; and Effects of the Hurricane at Zanzibar, from The Illustrated London News (June 1, 1872). Both views are on a single sheet, 14 ½ x 9 ½ inches, b/w, from sketches made by Lieut. Henn of the Livingstone Expedition. $25

97. (Zanzibar). Syed Barghash bin Said, Sultan of Zanzibar, from The Illustrated London News (June 19, 1875), 8 ½ x 7 inches, b/w. $20

98. (Zanzibar). The Harbor and Town of Zanzibar on the Morning after the Hurricane, from Harper’s Weekly (July 6, 1872), 9 x 6 ½ inches, b/w. $20



Scans of most of these maps can be provided upon request; they can also be professionally hand-colored if desired.

99. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Plan De La Ville et Forteresse de Malacca (Paris, l’Histoire Generale des Voyages, vol. VIII, 1750). Copperplate engraving, 6 x 8 inches, compass rose, later hand color. The map shows the fort and town of Malacca and there is a key to nine important buildings (fort, church, mosque, pagoda, etc. in the town). $75

100. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Plan de La Ville de Cochin (Paris, l’Histoire Generale des Voyages, vol. IX, c. 1757). Copperplate engraving, 10 ½ 7 ½ inches, b/w. Birds-eye view, with buildings, ships, trees, gardens, and the famous fishing nets at the north end of the island. $75

101. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Carte de L’Isle de Ceylan pour servir a l’Histoire Generale des Voyages, vol. VIII (Paris, 1750). Copperplate engraving, 10 x 9 ½ inches, later hand color. $100

102. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Isle de Madagascar autrement Isle de St. Laurent (Paris, 1747). Copperplate engraving, 11 ½ x 9 ½ inches, compass rose, later hand coloring. $100

103. Bonne, Rigobert. Carte pour servir a L’Histoire Philosophique et politique des Etablissemens et du Commerce des Europeens dans les deux Indes (Paris, 1774). This is a fine map of the entire Indian Ocean as well as the Western Pacific North of Nouvelle Hollande. 18 x 12/ ½ inches, compass rose, decorative cartouche, later hand color. There is a small inset 2 ¾ x 2 1/3 inches of Ceylan and Southern India. A facsimile of the title page is included. $175

104. Duval, Pierre. Isle de Madagascar dite de St. Wrens (Paris, 1663). Copperplate engraving, 4 ¾ x 4 inches, later hand color. A lovely small map of the Western Indian Ocean including Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Bourbon, and a bit of the Mozambique coast. $175

105. Sanson d’Abbeville, N. Isle of Madagascar ou de St. Laurens (Paris, Chez l’Auteur, 1656). 10 x 8 inches, decorative cartouche, outline color. A fine map of the Western Indian Ocean centered on Madagascar but including the Comoros, the Mascarenes, a bit of the Mozambique coast, and various fanciful islands. $275

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