Catalogue 23, October 2014

Specializing in Antiquarian Materials about the Indian Ocean Islands and Rim

Please feel free to send this catalogue to friends, colleagues, or institutions interested in antiquarian materials about the Indian Ocean region. I would welcome receiving the names and email address of any potentially interested clients and WANT LISTS from anyone seeking specific items; I will do my best to find them for you.

This catalogue contains 33 books; 17 articles, booklets, and ephemera; and 8 groups of government publications. Many other items are available on my website: Please send orders or inquiries to Larry W. Bowman, Indian Ocean Books, Maps, and Prints, P.O. Box 232, Storrs, CT 06268-0232, USA, or via PHONE (860-429-4289), or EMAIL: or



1. Badger, George Percy, F. R. G. S., editor and translator. History of the Imans and Seyyids of Oman by Salil-ibn-Razik from A.D. 661-1856 (New York, Burt Franklin, n.d., but c. 1980). 2nd edn, cxxvii, 435 pp, folding map , fine condition. This is an exact reprint of the Hakluyt Society edition, First Series, no. 44 from 1871. $100

2. Barbieri, Gian Paolo. Equator (Koln, Taschen, 1999). 1st edn, tall 4to, 167 pp, dj, as new. A book of color and b/w photographs of the Seychelles by this great Italian photographer. Nearly all the photos are full-page 12 ¾ x 10 ½ inches or double-page 21 x 12 ¾ inches. Focus primarily on the extraordinary flora and fauna of Seychelles. A gorgeous book. $30

3. Beamish, Tony. Birds of Seychelles (Mahe, Dept. of Agriculture, 1981). 1st edn, 8vo, 64 pp, 50 color illus, pictorial soft cover. $15

4. Benedict, Burton. Indian in a Plural Society: A Report on Mauritius (London, H.M.S.O., 1961). 1st edn, 8vo, 168 pp, 16 b/w photos, map, dj. This book is AS NEW in the original publishers box from HMSO. $75

5. Benedict, Burton. People of the Seychelles (London, H.M.S.O., 1966). 1st edn, 8vo, 74 pp, large folding map, worn soft cover. $35

6. Bullen, Frank. The Cruise of the “Cachalot” Round the World After Sperm Whales (London, Smith, Elder & Co, 1898). 1st edn, 8vo, 379 pp, 9 illus, folding map, gilt stamped sperm whale on front cover; gilt spine lettering. A letter from Rudyard Kipling to Bullen is printed prior to the Preface: “It is immense—there is no other word. I have never read anything that equals it in deep-sea wonder and mystery…” This is the rare first edition of Bullen’s great work on a whaling voyage out of New Bedford. Pages 102- 135 are set in the area of the Mozambique Channel, Comoros, Aldabra, and Seychelles; 139-148 in the East Indies. $375

7. Bulpin, T. V., compiled by. East Africa and the Islands (Cape Town, Howard B. Timmins, n.d., but 1956)). 1st edn, 4to, endpaper maps, worn dj. Pages 9-17 text; 19-98 b/w photos from East Africa and the Southwest Indian Ocean islands. $50.

8. Busch, Briton Cooper. “Whaling Will Never Do For Me”: The American Whaleman in the Nineteenth Century (Lexington, The University Press of Kentucky, 1994). 1st edn, 8vo, 265 pp, 5 tables, endpaper map, dj, as new. $15

9. Cleveland, H. W. S. Voyages of a Merchant Navigator of the Days that are Past; compiled from the journals and letters of Richard J. Cleveland (New York, Harper & Bros., 1886). 1st edn, 12mo, 245 pp, ads. Richard J. Cleveland (1773-1860) from Salem, MA was a pioneering sea Captain opening U.S. trade to the Indian Ocean and beyond. This book is INSCRIBED by his son, H. W. S. Cleveland. $90

10. Cleveland, Richard J. A Narrative of Voyages and Commercial Enterprises (Cambridge, John Owen, 1842). 1st edn, 12 mo, two volumes. Vol. 1, xvi, 249 pp; Vol. 2, viii, 240 pp, both volumes beautifully rebound in ½ leather, marbled boards, gilt ruled boards and lettering, five raised bands with fleuron’s on spine, some foxing. A gorgeous set and rare first edition of this important memoir by a famous Salem sea captain’s voyages to the East including Bourbon, Cape of Good Hope, Batavia, Calcutta, China, etc. Cleveland was in Ile de France (Mauritius) three times: June-November 1793; April 1794; and July 1799-March 1800. $750

11. Correa, Gaspar. The Three Voyages of Vasco da Gama and his Viceroyalty from the Lendas da India of Gaspar Correa, accompanied by original documents. Translated from the Portuguese, with notes and an introduction, by the Hon Henry E. J. Stanley (London, Hakluyt Society, 1869). 1st edn thus, 8vo, lxxx, 430 pp, xxxv, spine tip chipped, frontis illus of da Gama, gilt sailing ship on front cover, small library markings on spine. The voyages provide rich early details of Sofala, Mozambique, Mombasa, Melinde, Cananor, Calecut, Cochym, Goa. $250

12. Course, Captain A. G. Pirates on the Eastern Seas (London, Frederick Muller, 1966). 1st edn, 8vo, 263 pp, 8 illus, dj. $35

13. D’Unienville, Alix. Les Mascareignes: Vielle France en mer indienne (Paris, Editions Albin Michel, 1954). 1st edn, 12 mo, 281 pp, 16 plates, pictorial soft cover. Warmly INSCRIBED by the author. $45

14. Halliday, Tim. Vanishing Birds: Their Natural History and Conservation (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1978). 1st edn, 8vo, 296 pp, 16 color plates, 46 b/w drawings, 9 maps, endpaper maps, dj. A case study on the extinction of the dodo and solitaire, 56-67; a chapter on the problems faced by birds on islands, 170-194. SIGNED by the author. $20

15. Heyerdahl, Thor. The Maldive Mystery (Bethesda, MD, Adler & Adler,1986). 1st USA edn, 8vo, 319 pp, 23 plates, endpaper maps, worn dj. An investigation in the archaeological history of the Maldive Islands. $10

16. Horsburgh, James. The India Directory, Or, Directions for Sailing to and from the East Indies, China, Australia, and the Interjacent Ports of Africa and South America: Originally Compiled from the Journals of the Honourable Company’s Ships and from Observations and Remarks, Resulting from the Experience of Twenty-one Years in the Navigation of those Seas (London, Wm. H Allen & Co., 1852). 6th edn, 4to, two volumes. Vol. 1, xii + xxxiv + 622 pp + a 26 page index; vol. 2 xii + 846 pp + a 32 pp index. . The two volumes are bound together. This is an unusual copy of this wonderful book—the standard reference book for sailing to the East in the nineteenth century. It has been “to sea”. The original boards are covered by a canvas that has been hand-stitched on to protect the book from sea and salt. There is one blank page full of hand-written notes dated 8/18/69 about where whales might be found. The exterior canvas is worn and torn. There are a few pages at the beginning and end that are wrinkled. The hinges are cracking but the book is intact. There are about 12 pages in the very center of the book that have some worming at the very top and very bottom of the page with no loss. The book is tight; the paper is excellent and the pages are clean with no foxing. Tucked between pages 586-587 in volume two is a 4-page religious tract from Dublin called, “Your Name in the Will” which I will leave to your imagination. If you wish to know how many pages are devoted to your favorite country, or island, or port, etc. just ask. $750

17. Macmillan, Mona. Sir Henry Barkly: Mediator & Moderator 1815-1898 West Indies, Victoria, Mauritius, Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town, A. A. Balkema, 1970). 1st edn, 8vo, 302 pp, 4 b/w photos, dj. Governor in Mauritius, pp, 146-174; Governor at Cape of Good Hope, pp, 176-259. $40

18. McAteer, William. Echoes of Eden: A Collection of Historical Essays on the Seychelles (Mahe, Seychelles, Pristine, 2014). 1st edn, 8vo, 280 pp, 180 illus, largely in color, ads, pictorial hard cover, new. This is a book of over 50 essays–47 by McAteer and eight by guest writers–covering a wide variety of unusual historical stories about Seychelles. Many of these essays were previously published in Silhouette, the in-flight magazine of Air Seychelles. McAteer is the noted author of a fine three-volume trilogy on the history of Seychelles. $95

19. McAteer, William. This is an offer for McAteer’s three-volume: The History of Seychelles from Discovery to Independence, presented in a boxed presentation case. Vol 1, Rivals in Eden: The History of Seychelles 1742-1827 (Mahe, Printine, 1991; revised 2001; reprinted 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 314 pp, 4 maps, 40 illus, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 2, Hard Times in Paradise: The History of Seychelles 1827-1919 (Mahe, Pristine, 2000; reprinted 2008), 1st edn, 8vo, 322 pp, 43 illus, map, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 3. To Be a Nation, The History of Seychelles 1920-1976 (Mahe, Pristine, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 477 pp, 5 maps, 39 illus, endpaper illus, dj. All the books are new. $150

20. Mintz, Sidney W. Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History (New Yor,, Viking, 1985). 1st edn, 8vo, 274 pp, 19 illus, dj. $15

21. Naipaul, V. S. The Overcrowded Barracoon and Other Articles (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1973). 1st American edition, 8vo, 286 pp, Essays on India, 41-138; The Overcrowded Barracoon, 255-286 is about Mauritius. SIGNED by the author. $100

22. Nicholls, C. S. The Swahili Coast: Politics, Diplomacy and Trade on the East African Littoral, 1798-1856 (New York, Africana Publishing Corporation, 1971). 1st edn, 8vo, 419pp, 6 maps. $20

23. Nossiter, Harold. Northward Ho! An Account of a 14,000 mile voyage from Australia to England in a 35 ton staysail schooner (London, H. F. & G. Witherby, 1937). 2nd impression of 1st edn, 8vo, 222 pp, folding map, 30 plates, 4 figures, dj. Lengthy warm INSCRIPTION by the author. 34-59 Dutch East Indies; 60-65 Singapore; 66-77 Malacca Straits and Penang; 78-82 Pulo Langkawi; 83-98 Bay of Bengal and Colombo; 99-107 Arabian Sea to Aden; 109-120 the Red Sea. $45

24. Pfeiffer, Ida. A Lady’s Voyage around the World : A selected translation from the German…by Mrs. Percy Sinnett (New York, Harper & Bros, 1852). 1st American edn, 8vo, 302 pp, stamped cloth boards, very worn. Singapore 81-95; Ceylon 96-109; India 110-189. $75

25. Pidgeon, Harry. Around the World Single-Handed: The Cruise of the “Islander” (New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1932). 1st edn, 8vo, 233 pp, 65 illus, endpaper maps. Indian Ocean, 135-152 including East Indies, Christmas Island, Rodrigues, Mauritius; 153-164 Durban and Cape Town. SIGNED by the author. $50

26. Prior, James. Esq. R.N. Voyage Along the Eastern Coast of Africa, to Mozambique, Johanna, and Quilon; to St. Helena;…in the Nisus Frigate. (London, Sir Richard Phillips, 1819). 1st edn, 8vo, 114 pp, plate and folding chart of the town and fort of Mozambique, beautifully rebound in marbled boards. Fine detailed record of a voyage lasting from Feb. 1812 to December 1813. Pp 3-23 and 89-94, Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope; 23-46, Mozambique Coast and esp. Mozambique Island; 46-65, Johanna in the Comoros; 66-81, Quiloa; 81-82, Mahe, Seychelles. $375

27. Putnam, George Granville. Salem Vessels and Their Voyages: A History of the Pepper Trade with the Island of Sumatra (Salem, MA, The Essex Institute, 1924). 1st edn, 8vo, 173 pp, 78 illus, fine condition, the book is largely uncut. $30

28. Putnam, Robert. Early Sea Charts (New York, Abbeville Press, 1983). 1st USA edn, folio, 142 pp, 76 plates, dj, as new. Pages 106-119 are on the Indian Ocean including eight color plates from the early 16th century to the early 18th century. A seminal scholarly work with exquisite color plates. $30

29. Teelock, Vijaya. Bitter Sugar: Sugar and Slavery in 19th Century Mauritius (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1998). 1st edn, 8vo, 326 pp, 37tables, 6 maps and charts, pictorial soft cover. INSCRIBED by the author. $35

30. Venter, Al J. Under the Indian Ocean (Lymington, Hamps., Nautical Publishing, 1973). 1st edn, 4to, 219 pp, profusely illus with color and b/w illus, and maps. A detailed book on diving in the region. $20

31. Virahsawmy, Dev. Flame Tree Lane / Lenpas Flanbwayan (London, Pink Pidgeon Press, 2012). 1st edn, 8vo, 163 pp, pictorial soft cover, new. This book publishes Virawsawmy’s novella in Kreol Morisien, and in English translation by Professor Shawkat Toorawa from Cornell University. Pages 105-160 are a bibliography of Virahsawmy’s literary works; he is a leading creative writer in Mauritius, and an ardent proponent of Kreol Morisien. $20

32. Williams, Mrs. H. Dwight. A Year in China; and a narrative of capture and imprisonment when homeward bound, on board the rebel pirate Florida, with an introductory note by William Cullen Bryant (New York, Hurd and Houghton, 1864). 1st edn, 12 mo, 362 pp, two small library stamps. Pp 26-58 Cape Town; 69-91 Mauritius; 99-108 Singapore. $200

33. Wood, William Maxwell. Fankwei; or, The San Jacinto in the Seas of India, China, and Japan (New York, Harper & Bros., 1859). 1st edn, 8vo, 545 pp, marbled boards and endpapers, worn cover, library marking on spine but nowhere else. PP 69-95, Simon’s Bay and the Cape; 95-104, Mauritius; 104-122 Ceylon; 122-142 Pinang; 142-146, Singapore. $45


34. Aylward, William J. The Water-Life Around Singapore, disbound from Harper’s Monthly Magazine (1909), 104-114, with 2 full-page color plates, and 6 b/w plates. $10

35. Anderson, William Ashley. Zanzibar—The Spicy Island, disbound from Harper’s Monthly Magazine, CXXXIX, no.834 (1919), 795-809, with seven illus. $10

36. Evasion: A Beachcomber Magazine, no. 4 (April 1998). 4to, 82 pp, lavishly illus with color photos, parallel text in English and French. Articles with fine illustrations on:
The Dutch in Mauritius, 6-10; the Dodo, 13-15; Independence Day in 1968, 23-29; Port Louis The Key to the Orient, 44-49; Reunion, 60-65; Mauritian Fish, 68-74; La Vallee de Mai, Seychelles, 77-79. A gorgeous publication. $10

37. Hodges, William, 1744-1797: The Art of Exploration (New Haven, Yale Center for British Art, 2005). 1st edn, 5 x 8 inch booklet, 12 pp, full-page map, 5 full-page color illus, pictorial soft cover. An exhibition booklet for an exhibit of Hodges’ work held at the Yale Center from Jan. 27-April 24, 2005, as new. Hodges is renowned for his landscape painting honed as the official draftsman on James Cook’s second voyage of discovery (1772-1775) and in India (1780-1783) under the patronage of William Hastings, Governor-General of Bengal. $25

38. A Home in the Cinnamon Isle, disbound from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (1856), 611-618. The article is on Ceylon and includes 6 engravings. $10

39. Italiques No. 4 (Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, 1994). 4to, 72 pp, profusely illus, pictorial soft color cover, as new. This is a annual literary magazine edited by Issa Asgarally. This issue contains, inter alia, articles on J.-M.G. Le Clezio, Gita Mehta, V. S. Naipaul, Toni Morrison, and Fernand Braudel. $10

40. Lamusse, Roland. Five Papers: The Breakthrough in Export Processing Industrialization in Mauritius (Boston, African-American Issues Center Paper No. 13), 26 pp; Mapping the Future of the Mauritian Economy (Port Louis, Hassam Toorawa Trust Occasional Paper No. 1 (1997), 17 pp; Labour Policy in the Plantation Islands, World Development v. 8, (1980), 1035-1050; Macro-Economic Policy in Small Open Economies: The Case of Mauritius (Univ. of Mauritius 1985), 30 pp; Adjustment to Structural Change in Manufacturing in a North-South Perspective: The Case of the Clothing Export Sector in Mauritius, Working Paper No. 27 (Geneva, International Labour Office, 1989), 61 pp. All five papers for $20

41. Newbigin, Marion. Indian Ocean and its Islands: Scattered Relics of a Sunk Continent, 2219-2230. This is a disbound article (undated, but 1920s) with a map and 10 photos, mostly of Mauritius. $10

42. Parry, James, with color photos by Dan Britton. The Pearl Emporium of Al Zubarah, from Saudi Aramco World (November/December 2013), 33-39. Richly illustrated story on recent archaeological investigations of this 18th century pearling settlement on the northwest coast of Qatar. The entire issue is supplied. $5

43. Patel, Samir S., text and color photos. Stone Towns of the Swahili Coast, from Archaeology 67, 1 (January/February 2014), 42-49. The article especially focuses on recent archaeological work at the Swahili stone town of Songo Mnara on an island off the coast of Tanzania. The entire issue is supplied. $5

44. Rao, S. L. Report of the First Meeting of the Indian Ocean Research Network, New Delhi, 11-13 December 1995 (New Delhi, Centre for Policy Research, 1996). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 24 pp, soft cover. $5

45. Richards, Rhys, and others. United States Trade with China, 1784-1814, volume 54, The American Neptune, Special Supplement, Vol. 4 (1994), 76 pp. After a brief introduction, this issue is comprised of a listing of the 618 ships that made this trip including name, captain, dates, route, etc. Many of them made stops in Ile de France and other IO islands. There is also a comprehensive bibliography. A valuable research tool. $25

46. Stone, Caroline. Pietro della Valle: Pilgrim of Curiosity, from Saudi Aramco World 65, 1 (January/February 2014), 20-27. A fine research piece on della Valle, an Italian book-collector, linguist, and acute observer and writer. From 1614-1626, he traveled to the Middle East, Persia, and Western India. Three volumes of his letters were published in 1650, 1658, and 1663 and were a major source of information in Europe about the Muslim world. The entire issue is supplied. $10

47. Toussaint, Auguste. Franconesia: A Little Known Quarter of the Indian Ocean, from The American Neptune XXXI, 2 (April 1971), 104-119, with maps. Focused on the history of French interests in the Western Indian Ocean. The entire issue is supplied. $20

48. Two Exhibition brochures: (1) Traces of India: Photography, Architecture, and the Politics of Representation (New Haven, Yale Center for British Art, 2003). 1st edn, 16 mo, 17 pp, folding map, b/w and color illus; (2) Company Culture: British Artists and the East India Company, 1770-1830 (New Haven, Yale Center for British Art, 2003). 1st edn, 12 mo, 19 pp, map, color illus. The exhibits were held simultaneously from Oct. 16, 2003-January 11, 2004. I also include the Center’s Fall 2003 brochure which features all their programs and activities, including the two India exhibits (1st edn, 8vo, 26 pp, b/w and color illus, pictorial cover). $50

49. Warne, Kennedy with color photos by Thomas P. Peschak. A Tale of Two Atolls, from National Geographic 225, 4 (April 2014), 62-76. An article on Ile Europa and Bassas da India in the Mozambique Channel; richly illustrated. The entire issue is supplied. $5

50. Weinberg, Samantha with color photos by Laurent Ballesta. A Fish for our Time, from Intelligent Life Features (2014), 8-15. On the discovery of the coelacanth and work done in Boston during the past decade to sequence the coelacanth genome. $5



51. (Comoros). World Bank Reports: Staff Appraisal Report: Population and Human Resources Project, 4to, 106 pp, color map (November 19, 1993). $10

52. (Madagascar). World Bank Reports:
Second Railway Project (1979), 57 pp, map;
Manpower Training Project (1992), 107 pp, map;
Food Security and Nutrition Project (1993), 89 pp, map;
Population and Health Sector Review (1987), 120 pp, map;
Recent Economic Developments and Future Prospects, v. 1, Main Report, (1979),
132 pp; v. 2 Annexes (1979), 201 pp; plus
International Development Association, Rural Finance Technical Assistance Project (1993), 33 pp, map. All six papers for $25

53. Commission des Communautes Europeennes: Revue de la cooperation bilateral et multilaterale avec l’Ile Maurice (Aout 1984), 4to, 36 pp; and, Revue de la cooperation bilateral et multilaterale avec l’Ile Maurice (mars 1986), 4to, 37 pp. Both reports for $10

54. (Mauritius). Colony of Mauritius:
Annual Report on the Working of the Registrar General’s Dept., 1949 (1950), 4 pp;
Annual Report of the Registrar of Associations for 1950 (1951), 10 pp;
Annual Report on the Mauritius Police Force and on Crime and The Government Fire Services for 1954 (1955), 61 pp; ditto. for 1955 (1957), 45 pp;
Annual Report of the Dept. of Agriculture for 1953 (1954), 64 pp;
Annual Report of the Mauritius Institute 1954 (1956), 20 pp;
Annual Report of the Social Welfare Dept. for 1954 (1956), 27 pp; ditto for 1955 (1957), 11 pp;
Annual Report of the Public Assistance Dept 1955 (1957), 15 pp;
The Education Ordinance, 1957 (1958), 47pp;
Annual Report of the Mauritius Institute 1955 (1957), 10 pp.;
Report on the Treatment of Offenders in Mauritius and its Dependencies for 1954 (1955), 45 pp.
Correspondence respecting Certain Overpayments of Salary in Mauritius, Presented to Both Houses of Parliament…March 1885 (London, 1885), 4to, 52 pp.

All eleven Reports on Colonial Mauritius for $50

55. Mauritius. Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet 83 (London, HMSO, 1968), 33 pp, map, b/w photos. $10

56. Mauritius. Central Statistical Office.
Statistical Summary. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development 1985 (1986), 26 pp;
Quarterly External Trade Statistics, Fourth Quarter and Year 1985 (1986), 86 pp;
National Accounts of Mauritius 1985, Ministry of Economic Planning and Development (1985), 128 pp.
Annual Digest of Statistics 1985 (1986), 150 pp.
Annual Digest of Statistics, 1986 (1987), 150 pp.

All five reports for $20

57. Mauritius. Ministry of Finance. 1986-87 Budget Speech, 55 pp., 1987-88 Budget Speech, 28 pp; 1988-89 Budget Speech, 58 pp. All three speeches given by Hon. S. Lutchmeenaraidoo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. All three for $15

58. Mauritius. Ministry of Information. Maurice a 20 ans: De l’eclosion a l’epanouissement (Port Louis, 1988). 1st edn, 4to, 59 pp. b/w and color photos, pictorial soft cover. $15

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