Catalogue 25, January 2016


Specializing in Antiquarian Materials about the Indian Ocean Islands and Rim

Please feel free to send this catalogue to friends, colleagues, or institutions interested in antiquarian materials about the Indian Ocean region. I would welcome receiving the names and email address of any potentially interested clients and WANT LISTS from anyone seeking specific items; I will do my best to find them for you.

This catalogue contains 59 books; 13 maps, 2 sea charts, 6 prints, 16 articles, booklets, and ephemera; and 4 government publications. Many other items are available on my website: Please send orders or inquiries to Larry W. Bowman, Indian Ocean Books, Maps, and Prints, P.O. Box 232, Storrs, CT 06268-0232, USA, or via PHONE (860-429-4289), or EMAIL: or



1. Allen, Richard B. European Slave Trading in the Indian Ocean, 1500-1850 (Athens, OH, Ohio UP, 2015). 1st edn, 8vo, 378 pp, 4 maps, one illus, 20 tables, 4 appendices, pictorial soft cover, new. This is a seminal scholarly work in Indian Ocean historiography, and with it the Ohio University Press inaugurates its new Indian Ocean Studies Series. The text is 220 pp; there are 95 pages of notes and 40 pages of references. The book is SIGNED by the author. $40

2. Baker, Philip and Chris Corne. Isle de France Creole: Affinities and Origins (Ann Arbor, MI, Karoma Publishers, 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, 299 pp, dj, as new. $35

3. Bennett, Norman. Studies in East African History (Boston, Boston UP, 1963). 1st edn, 8vo, 89 pp, endpaper map, dj. The book is comprised of four essays—three of which are on East Africa/Indian Ocean: Americans in Zanzibar, 1865-1915; The Holy Ghost Mission in East Africa: 1858-1890 (set in Bagamoyo); and Mwinyi Mtwana and the Sultan of Zanzibar; there is also an appendix—The Price of Ivory in the Zanzibar Market: 1826-1897. $15

4. Botting, Douglas. The Pirates (Alexandria, VA, Time-Life Books, 1978). 1st edn, 4to, 192 pp, profusely illus. A beautifully produced history of piracy with chapter 3, A pirate path to the fabled Orient,” pp. 66-91, esp. focused on the Indian Ocean. $10

5. Bowman, Larry W. African Conflict and Superpower Involvement in the Western Indian Ocean (Hanover, NH., American Universities Field Staff Report, Africa No. 18, 1980). 1st edn, 8vo, 9 pp, map, paper cover. free

6. Boxer, R. R. and Carlos de Azevedo. Fort Jesus and the Portuguese in Mombasa (London, Hollis & Carter, 1960). 1st edn, 8vo, 144 pp, 21 illus, 6 maps and diagrams, dj. $50

7. Brewster, David. India’s Ocean: the Story of India’s Bid for Regional Leadership ( London, Routledge, 2015). 1st edn, 8vo, 244 pp, 14 b/w illus, pictorial paper cover, new. $75

8. Bruce, Robert. Indian Ocean Navies (Perth, Australia, Centre for Indian Ocean Regional Studies, 1990). 1st edn, 8vo, 150 pp, pictorial soft cover. $15

9. Bruce, Robert. The Modern Indian Navy and the Indian Ocean (Perth, Australia, Centre for Indian Ocean Regional Studies, 1989). 1st edn, 8vo, 168 pp, pictorial soft cover, some handwriting in text. $15

10. Buckland, C. E. Dictionary of Indian Biography (New York Greenwood Press, 1969). Reprint of 1906 first edn, 8vo, 493 pp. $15

11. Calverley, Eleanor T., M. D. My Arabian Days and Nights: A Medical Missionary in Old Kuwait (New York, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1958). 1st edn, 8vo, 182 pp, pictorial hard cover, ex-lib, but clean and tight. The autobiography is SIGNED by the author. $25

12. Cheke, Anthony and Julian Hume, Lost Land of the Dodo: An Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion & Rodrigues (New Haven, Yale UP, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 464 pp, dj, new. Lavishly illustrated with maps, drawings, color photos, and prints covering the entire ecological history of the Mascarenes. A gorgeous scholarly book. $45

13. Conrad, Joseph. A Conrad Argosy (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, Doran & Co, 1942). 1st edn, 4to, 713 pp, introduction by William McFee, woodcuts by Hans Alexander Mueller, worn dj. Includes fourteen of Conrad’s major works including: Heart of Darkness, Typhoon, Freya of the Seven Isles, The Secret Agent, and The Nigger of the Narcissus. A very large book. $10

14. Cousteau, Jacques, and the Staff of the Cousteau Society. The Cousteau Almanac: An Inventory of Life on our Water Planet (Garden City, NY, Doubleday & Co, 1981). 1st edn, 8vo, 838 pp, illustrations throughout, soft cover. $10

15. d’Unienville, Raymond. histoire politique de l’isle de france (1789-1791) (Port Louis, L. Carl Achille, 1975). 1st edn, 8vo, 191 pp, 4 illus, pictorial paper cover. Publication no. 13 des Archives de Maurice. $50

16. d’Unienville, Raymond. histoire politique de l’isle de france (1791-1994) (Port Louis, L. Carl Achille, 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, 265 pp, 4 illus, soft cover. Publication no. 14 des Archives de Maurice. $50

17. d’Unienville, Raymond. histoire politique de l’isle de france (1795-1803) (Port Louis, N.I.M., 1989). 1st edn, 88vo, 345 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. $50

(or ALL three d’Unienville books for $125)

18. Dingle, Edward Aylward. By “Sinbad,” Salt of the Sea Red Saunders: The Chronicle of a Genial Outcast (New York, A. L. Burt, 1934). 2nd edn, 8vo, 352 pp, endpaper map, colorful dj with some loss at base of spine, ex-lib. Pages 114-141 Zanzibar; 142-145 Rodrigues; 166-178 Andamans; 218-252 Madagascar; plus much else on the East Indies. A biography of an Englishman, Kenneth Beauclere Saunders, who had countless adventures in the East at the turn of the 20th Century. $30

19. Dodwell, H. H., ed. The Cambridge History of the British Empire, vol. 4, British India, 1497-1850 (New York, Macmillan, 1929). 1st edn, 8vo, 683 pp, spine chipped, foxing. Comprises 32 scholarly articles, and 44 pages of bibliography. $25

20. Dupont, Jean-Jacques. Dictionnaire passionne de l’ile Maurice (Create Space, 2015). 1st edn, 8vo, 486 pp, 36 b/w illus, 5 b/w photos, pictorial soft cover, French text, new. The author of this book is Jean-Jacques Dupont de Rivalz de Saint Antoine. Dupont was born and grew up in Mauritius, and then had a long career (1980-2012) working for the World Bank; he is married to the American journalist, Pamela Glass. Mary Kathryn Kelly Robison, an American, is the illustrator. This both a memoir of Dupont’s growing up in Mauritius and a much broader discussion of Mauritian history, flora, fauna, geography, et. al. $40

21. Foo, Vincent H. K. Sarawak: Mini Episodes of the Past (Kuching, Sarawak, Leon Stationary Service, 2006). 1st edn, 8vo, 181 pp, profusely illus with b/w photos, map, pictorial soft cover, new. Comprised of 21 scholarly articles on Sarawak history. $40

22. Hachisuka, Masuiji. The Dodo and Kindred Birds: The Extinct Birds of the Mascarene Islands (London, H. F. & G. Witherby, LTD., 1953). 1st edn, 4to, xvi + 250 pp, 22 full-page plates, eleven in color; 35 drawings, teg, small gilt vignette of dodo on cover and gilt lettering on spine, dj. A celebrated work on the dodos of Mauritius and Reunion, the solitaire of Rodrigues and Reunion, and various other extinct birds of the Mascarenes. This is one of the three great books on the dodo (the others Strickland, 1848; and Owen, 1866) and is sought by collectors and research institutions. The book was published in a limited edition of 485; this is number 8. It is also the only copy I have ever seen with a dust jacket, and it has been protected by a mylar archival book jacket cover. $2750

23. Harms, Robert, Bernard K. Freamon, and David W. Blight, eds. Indian Ocean Slavery in the Age of Abolition (New Haven, Yale UP, 2013). 1st edn, 8vo, 264 pp, 4 /w illus, 3 maps, pictorial soft cover, new. This book of essays by leading specialists is focused on the nineteenth century. $40

24. <Captain Cook’s Voyages> Hawkesworth, John, LL.D. An Account of the Voyages undertaken by the Order of his Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook,…(London, Printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, in the Strand, 1773). Volume III only.

1st edn, 4to, 395 pp, water damping on edges of first few and last few pages; some foxing but pages clean and tight. Original leather boards are worn and the spine has been professionally repaired and the inside hinges reinforced with Japanese tissue.

Pages 7-76 cover Captain Cook’s exploration of the coast of New Zealand from February 9, 1770 to March 1770; pages 77-245 cover his exploration of New Holland (Australia) from March 31, 1770-August 1770; and pages 345-395 cover his homeward bound passage (including New Guinea, Savu, Batavia, Prince’s Island, and Cape of Good Hope) arriving in Dover on June 12, 1771.

This volume includes the following maps, plates, and charts: no. 13. Maori, 8 x 6 ½ inches, at page 49; no. 16. Maori boat, 22 x 8 inches, folding, at page 58; no. 15. Maori Carvings, 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches, at page 59; no. 14. Maori carved weapons and objects, 8 x 6 ½ inches, at page 63; A Chart of New South Wales on the East Coast of New Holland, 30 x 14 ½ inches, folding, at page 76; Entrance of Endeavour River in New South Wales, 6 ½ x 5 ½ inches, and Botany Bay in New South Wales, 6 ½ x 5 ½ inches, folding, at page 76; no. 19. Endeavour at anchor, riverside view, 19 x 8 inches, folding, at p. 153; no. 20. Kangaroo, 9 l/2 x 8 inches, at page 15; and Chart of the Coast of New South Wales, 13 ½ x 11 ½ inches, folding, at page 185. SOLD

25. Hollingworth, Derek. They Came to Mauritius: Portraits of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (London, Oxford UP, 1965). 1st edn, 12 mo, 176 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover, ex-lib but text clean and unmarked. $65

26. Hopper, Matthew S. Globalization and Slavery in Arabia in the Age of Empire (New Haven, Yale UP, 2015). 1st edn, 8vo, 320 pp, 24 b/w illus, dj, new. $85

27. Hulugalle, H. A. J. Guide to Ceylon (Colombo, Lake House Investments, 1969). 1st edn, 8vo, 125 pp, 6 color illus, 14 b/w illus, map plus endpaper maps, dj. (Also included is a three-page letter from Cooks detailing the itinerary for a March 1971 trip.) $35

28. Ibbotson, Peter. Mauritius: Postal History and Stamps (London, The Royal Philatelic Society, 1991). 1st edn, 4to, 239 pp, profusely illus, pictorial endpapers, dj, new. The definitive study of Mauritius stamps and out of print since shortly after publication. The book has a warm INSCRIPTION by the author and on p. 125 a missing line has been hand-written in by the author. Also included are two short articles by Ibbotson in Stamp Collecting Magazine and two letters hand-written by Ibbotson. $350

29. Knecht, G. Bruce. Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish (Rodale Press, 2006). 1st USA edn, 8vo, 278 pp, 34 b/w photos, endpaper map of the Southern Ocean, dj. A history of the Patagonian toothfish (aka Chilean Sea Bass) and the struggle to protect it from pirates and overfishing in the Southern Ocean. $10

30. Ley, Willy. Another Look at Atlantis (New York, Ace Publishing Co., 1969). 12 mo, 222 pp, 43 illus, pictorial soft cover. The book includes of 16 articles including, “Hunting the Dodo/Other Islands, Other Dodos,” pp. 101-126. $5

31. Lionnet, Guy. Striking Plants of Seychelles (Victoria, Seychelles Nature Handbook No.5, 1974). 1st edn, 8vo, 64 pp, 50 plates, mostly in color, pictorial soft cover. Water marking to top one inch of cover and at top of some interior pages. This copy is INSCRIBED by the author. $50

32. Lionnet, Guy. The Romance of a Palm: Coco-de-Mer (Bell Village, Mauritius, l’ile aux imagers, 1986). 1st edn thus, 95 pp, 28 pp of illus, mostly in color, map, parallel text in English and French. $75

33. McAteer, William. Echoes of Eden: A Collection of Historical Essays on the Seychelles (Mahe, Seychelles, Pristine, 2014). 1st edn, 4to, 280 pp, 180 illus, largely in color, ads, pictorial hard cover, new. This is a book of over 50 essays–47 by McAteer and eight by guest writers–covering a wide variety of unusual historical stories about Seychelles. Many of these essays were previously published in Silhouette, the in-flight magazine of Air Seychelles. McAteer is the noted author of a three-volume trilogy on the history of Seychelles and this is a lovely addition to Seychelles historiography. $95

34. McAteer, William. This is an offer for McAteer’s three-volume: The History of Seychelles from Discovery to Independence, presented in a boxed presentation case. Vol. 1, Rivals in Eden: The History of Seychelles 1742-1827 (Mahe, Pristine, 1991; revised 2001; reprinted 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 314 pp, 4 maps, 40 illus, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 2, Hard Times in Paradise: The History of Seychelles 1827-1919 (Mahe, Pristine, 2000; reprinted 2008), 1st edn, 8vo, 322 pp, 43 illus, map, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 3. To Be a Nation, The History of Seychelles 1920-1976 (Mahe, Pristine, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 477 pp, 5 maps, 39 illus, endpaper illus, dj. All the books are new. $150

35. Marchant, Alexander. From Barter to Slavery: The Economic Relations of Portuguese and Indians in the Settlement of Brazil, 1500-1580 (Gloucester, MA, Peter Smith, 1966). Reprint of Johns Hopkins Press 1942 1st edn, 8vo, 160 pp, map. $10

36. Matthiessen, Peter. Blue Meridian: The Search for the Great White Shark (New York, Random House, 1971). 1st edn, 8vo, 204 pp, 51 color photos, five sharks on embossed front cover. This is Matthiessen’s great book on the Indian Ocean: Seychelles (Astove, Aldabra), Madagascar, Comoros, Ceylon, East African coast, Juan de Nova, Europa). The book is INSCRIBED and SIGNED by the author. $50

37. Middleton, John. The World of the Swahili: An African Mercantile Civilization (New Haven, Yale UP, 1992). 1st edn, 8vo, 254 pp, 3 maps, 2 tables, 6 illus, dj, new. $20

38. Miles, William. Britain, France, and the Dual Colonial Inheritance of Mauritius: Mauritian Decolonization in Comparative Perspective (Port Louis, The Hassan Toorawa Trust Occasional Paper 8, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 29 pp, pictorial soft cover. $15

39. Montocchio, Alfred. Un regard vers le passé/A look back in time (Pailles, Mauritius, Henry & Cie, 1986). 1st edn, 8vo, 138 pp, 13 b/w photos, paper cover stained. This is very unusual book about the Franco-Mauritian passion for deer hunting. Deer were introduced to Mauritius by the Dutch in 1639, and hunting continues to this day in the Midlands woods. Montocchio (1886-1949) recounts the rituals and stories of the “parties de la chasse” including one organized for the Duke of York on June 2, 1927. $75

40. Nicholls, C. S. The Swahili Coast: Politics, Diplomacy and Trade on the East African Littoral, 1798-1856 (New York, Africana Publishing Co., 1971). 1st edn, 8vo, 419 pp, 6 maps, dj. $20

41. Ommanney, F. D. Eastern Windows (London, Readers Union, 1962). 2nd edn, 8vo, 245 pp, 16 illus. One of the many fine books by this distinguished Indian Ocean and fisheries specialist. Pages 13-116 and 236-245, Singapore; 119-172, and 220-235 at sea in Malacca Straits and South China Sea. $10

42. Panchanathan, A., Guide Book to Sarasvati Mahal (with illustrations) (Thanjavur, Sarasvati Mahal Library, 2002). 5th edn, 8vo, 55 pp, plus 33 pp of illustrations, pictorial soft cover. This is a guide to the rare manuscripts, books, drawings, paintings, etc. held by this renowned Tamil Nadu library. $10

43. Price, John. When the White House Calls: From Immigrant Entrepreneur to U. S. Ambassador (Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 2011). 1st edn, 8vo, 690 pp, b/w photos, 6 maps, dj, new. Price was the U. S. Ambassador to Mauritius, Seychelles, and Comoros from 2002-2005. This is a remarkable book giving almost day-by-day attention to the life of an ambassador and to his interactions with the citizens and governmental officials of these three island nations. $25
I also have a copy SIGNED by the author for $100.

44. Rotary Club of Malaka. Illustrated Historical Guide to Melaka ( Melaka, Thong Yuen Chan Sdn. Bhd., 1973). 1st edn, 8vo, 141 pp, richly illus with old engravings, maps, and photos of people and places in Melaka, pictorial hard cover. A very scholarly guide to old Melaka. $150

45. Rouget, Dr. F. A., O.B.E. Brown-Sequard et son oeuvre/Brown-Sequard and his work; esquisse biographique/bibliographical outline (Port Louis, General Printing and Stationary, 1930). 1st edn, 8vo, 160 pp, paper cover, some foxing, ragged edges to cover and spine with no loss, small stamp of Trinity College, Port Louis on cover. Rouget was the President of the Medical Society of Mauritius. Charles-Edouard Brown-Sequard (1817-1894) was the Mauritian born physiologist and neurologist, a specialist in the physiology of the spiral cord, and the first to describe what is now called the Brown-Sequard Syndrome. He published over 500 articles and papers and led an extraordinary life back-and-forth between Mauritius, London, Paris, and the United States. This is a very rare book on his work. $300

46. Sheriff, Abdul. Slaves, Spices & Ivory in Zanzibar: Integration of an East African Commercial Empire into the World Economy, 1770-1873 (London, James Currey, and others, 1987). 1st edn, 8vo, 297 pp, 34 plates, 10 maps, pictorial soft cover. $25

47. Sherif, Abdul. Dhow Cultures of the Indian Ocean: Cosmopolitanism, Commerce and Islam (London, C. Hurst & Co., 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 351 pp, maps, illus, pictorial soft cover, as new. $40

48. Shastri, Vanita. The Salem-India Story: Maritime Trade between Salem, Massachusetts and India 1788-1845 (Lexington, MA, Meru Education Foundation, 2009.) 1st edn, 8vo, 71 pp, lavishly illus, pictorial soft over, new. SIGNED by the author. $75

49. Sim, Katharine. Malayan Landscape, with an introduction by Sir Richard Winstedt, K.B.E., C.M.G. (London, Michael Joseph, 1946). 1st edn, 8vo, 248 pp, 19 illus, endpaper maps. $10

50. Simmons, Adele. Modern Mauritius: The Politics of Decolonization (Bloomington, Indiana UP, 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, 242 pp, dj. INSCRIBED by the author. $75

51. Sinh, Rambir. Mauritius: the key to the Indian Ocean (New Delhi, Arnold-Heinemann, 1980). 1st edn, 8vo, 80 pp, 24 full-page plates, dj. The primary focus of the book is on India immigrants to Mauritius and their live there up to independence in 1968. $35

52. Skerrett, Adrian. Beautiful Birds of Seychelles (Nairobi, Camerapix Publishers International, 1994). 1st edn, 12mo, 128 pp, profusely illus, pictorial soft cover, as new. INSCRIBED by the author. $35

53. Sotheby’s. The Library of Humphrey Winterton: East Africa, The Sudan, Egypt, Arabia, and the Indian Ocean, London Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 May 2003. 1st edn, tall 8vo, 216 pages (986 lots), richly illus with color and b/w plates, pictorial soft cover, as new. This is the Auction Catalogue for the collection of the extraordinary bibliophile Humphrey Winterton. All the entries are richly described, often with an accompanying plate. Dr. G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville noted in his introduction that “it is unlikely such a collection, in all its wonderful diversity, could be assembled again in our lifetimes.” $50

54. Stoddard, Theodore L., and others. Area Handbook for the Indian Ocean Territories (Washington, D.C., U.S. GPO, 1971). 1st edn, 8vo, 161 pp, 5 maps, 7 tables. Pages 21-48, Maldives; 49-74, Seychelles and British Indian Ocean Territory; 75-108, Mauritius; 109-132, Reunion; 133-148, bibliography. $5

55. Storms, Robin and Don Malcarne, Around Essex: Elephants and River Gods (Charleston, SC, Arcadia Publishing, 2001; reprinted 2002). 1st edn, 8vo, 128pp, photos, maps, illus on every page, pictorial soft cover, new. This book is focused on the history of the shipping industry around Essex, Connecticut, where the Connecticut River exits into Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Chapter 4, The Village that Elephants Built, pp. 47-76, is particularly focused on the ivory trade from East Africa and Zanzibar to Connecticut from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries. It is estimated that at least 100,000 tusks were brought to this area, largely to be used for piano keys. $20

56. Zoghby, Samir, compiler. Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Partially Annotated Guide (Washington, DC, Library of Congress, 1978). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 318 pp, pictorial hard cover. The book is comprised of 2682 entries, a glossary, a list of periodicals, and a highly detailed 62 pp index. Lwb10 Islam along the entire East African coast as well as on IO islands is well covered. $20


57. Cuscoy, Luis Diego with the collaboration of Peder C. Larsen. The Book of Tenerife (Guide) (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ediciones Izana, 1966). 3rd edn, 12 mo, 287 pp, profusely illus, large folding color map, dj. $10

58. Eggleston, George T. Tahiti: Voyage Through Paradise: The story of a small boat passage through the Society Islands (New York, Devin-Adair Co., 1953). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 138 pp of text and 114 pp of b/w photos, endpaper map, chipped dj. INSCRIBED by the author. $15

59. Lynn, Bruce G. Barbados: A Smiling Island (Hollywood, FL., Dukane Press, 1970). 1st edn, 4to, unpaginated but 50 pp of color photos, chipped dj. $10



SCANS can be provided.

60. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Isle de Madagascar autrement Isle de St. Laurent (Paris, 1747). 11 ¼ x 9 ¼ inches, with compass rose, rhumb lines, ruled edges, later hand color. $100

61. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Plan de Pondicheri in 1741; Grondtekening van Pondichery in 1741 (Amsterdam, c. 1759). 7 ½ x 6 inches, later hand color. $60

62. The Cochin Backwaters, from Elisee Reclus, Asia: India and Indo-China (New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1884), 6 x 2 ¾ inches, b/w. A facsimile of the title page is included. $15

63. Coote, John. Fort St. George on the Coromandel Coast, Belonging to the East India Company of England (London, 1759), 8 ¼ x 6 inches, b/w. $125

64. De Belleforest, Francois. Mombaza, from his Cosmographie Universalle de tout le Monde (Paris, 1575). 5 x 6 inches, uncolored, map of the island and town of Mombasa. $275

65. Mallet, Alain Manesson. Costes d’Abex d’Aran et de Zanguebar, from his Description de l’univers (Paris, 1683). 5 ¾ x 4 inches, copperplate engraving, all four edges ruled, later hand-coloring. An lovely small map of the Red Sea, the Horn of Africa, the East Coast of Africa south to Mozambique, with Pemba, Zanzibar, the Comores, much of Madagascar, and several other islands, both real and fanciful. $150

66. Mauritius, from Elisee Reclus, Oceanica: The Earth and its Inhabitants (New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1890). 5 x 4 ½ inches, b/w. A facsimile of the title page is included. $15

67. Pondicherry, from Elisee Reclus, Asia: India and Indo-China (New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1884). 5 ¼ x 4 ¼ inches, b/w. A facsimile of the title page is included. $15

68. Port Louis, from Elisee Reclus, Oceanica: The Earth and its Inhabitants (New York, D. Appleton and Co., 1890). 4 ¼ x 4 inches, b/w. A facsimile of the title page is included. $15

69. Ortelius, Abraham. Presbiteri Johannis sive Abissinrum Imperium (Antwerp, 1601). 4 ¾ x 3 inches, b/w, Latin text verso. The land of Prester John, including Arabia, and the East African Coast from the Horn of Africa southward, including Lamu, Melinde, Mombaza, Mozambique. $150

70. Sanson de Abbeville, N. Two maps on a single sheet. Partie du Zanguebar ou Sont les costes d’Ajan et d’Abex, 7 ¼ x 7 inches; and Le Zanguebar, 7 ¼ x 4 ½ inches (Paris, c. 1683). Copperplate engraving, outline color; both maps have decorative cartouches, and are ruled on all four sides. The first map is of the Red Sea, the Horn of Africa, and the East African coast as far south as Pata; the second map is of the East African (Zanguebar) coast from Pata south to Sofala in Mozambique. Pemba, Zanzibar, Monfia, the Comoros, and other islands are shown with little suggestion of their actual size and, at times, place. Sanson was the Geogrophe Ordinaire du Roi to Louis XIII, and his work represents the best of 17th century French cartography. $250

71. Schley, J. V. Ile d’Ormus ou de Jerun/’t Eiland Ormus, of Jerun (Amsterdam, c. 1745). 9 ½ x 7 ½ inches, b/w, copperplate engraving, ribbon cartouche, decorative borders. Schley was the engraver for the Dutch edition of Abbe Prevost’s Histoire Generale des voyages. An elaborate birds-eye view of the island with many ships at sea, the fortress and other buildings, detailed topography of the island. A very elegant map. $125

72. Walker, J. & C. Islands in the Indian Ocean (London, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, c. 1844). 15 ½ x 12 ½ inches, outline color. Eleven maps on a single sheet: Amirantes, Seychelle Archipelago, Madagascar, Socotra, Rodrigue, Chagos, Keeling, Lakadive and Maldive, Andaman and Nicobar, Mauritius and Bourbon, Kerguelen. All eleven maps are ruled. Some chipping of edges not affecting any map. $50 I have the same map published by Edward Stanford in London with gorgeous later hand coloring for $125.



SCANS can be provided.

73. d’Apres de Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste. Carte Reduite de l’Ocean Oriental…(Paris, 1771). 33 x 22 inches, hand colored, with cartouche, rhumb lines, compass rose. This fine chart includes the entire IO from the Cape of Good Hope to the Western half of Australia, with Africa, Arabia, India, and the East Indies. D’Apres de Mannevillette was a famed French navigator and hydrographer and his charts published in Le Neptune Oriental were considered the most complete and accurate in the late 18th century. $3,000

74. Imray, James F. and son. Indian Ocean, including all of Australia and New Zealand (London, James Imray, Chart No.140, 1878). 74 x 41 inches, edges bound in linen. Very large blue back chart composed of two joined sections with 8 insets. A fine copy of the standard sea chart for 19th century navigation to the East. SOLD



SCANS can be provided.

75. (Mauritius). Francolin de L’Ile de France, from Pierre Sonnerat, Voyage a la Novelle Guinea…(Paris, 1776). Copperplate engraving, 8 x 6 inches, later hand coloring. This book which documented Sonnerat’s voyage from Mauritius to the East Indies was famous for its 119 plates, many of which were of birds. $40

76. (Mauritius). Four 19th century woodcuts. (1) The Souffleur Rock, Mauritius, 6 3/4x 4 ½ inches, color; (2) Hurricane, looking toward Port Louis, 5 ½ x 4 ½, b/w; (3) Pieter Both. 5 ½ x 4 ¼, b/w; Port Louis, 5 ½ x 4 ¼, b/w, from the mountains overlooking the city. All four for $50.

77. (Mauritius). Two prints. “The Souffleur”, 4 ½ x 4 inches, later hand color; and Le Pont Naturel, 6 x 4 inches, later hand color. Both were drawn for Nicolas Pike, Sub-Tropical Rambles in the Land of the Aphanapteryx (New York, 1873), and were published in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine (October 1873). Both for $20

78. (Mauritius). Ascension de Peter-Botte, from Magasin Pittoresque (Paris), 26 Octobre 1833. 8 x 5 ½ inches, b/w, with accompanying text front and verso. $15

79. (Mauritius). Port Louis, Ile de France (c. 1850). 5 ¾ x 4 inches, later hand color, matted. A very delicate steel engraving of Port Louis from the mountains overlooking the town and harbor. $40

80. (Mauritius). L’Ile Maurice—Pont de la Grande-Riviere, from Le Monde Illustre (Paris, 1860s). 7 ½ x 6 1/6 inches, b/w, with accompanying text by Fulgence Girard. $15.



81. (Bagamoyo). Lichtenstein, Amanda Leigh. Sea Change Comes to Bagamoyo, from Aramco World, 66, 2 (March/April 2015), 12-23. A long article on the history of this important Swahili town north of Dar-es-Salaam, with maps and photos. The entire issue is supplied. $10

82. Encounter Mauritius 2003: Commemoration of the bicentenary of the presence of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders in Mauritius. Offered are the Programme and Commemorative Brochure covering sponsors, participants, talks, symposiums, exhibitions, receptions, book launches, film festivals, and more that took place in Mauritius from September-December 2003. The Commemorative Brochure is 1st edn, 4to, 50 pp, richly illus with photos. The top half of pp. 44/45 is missing. The Programme covers a Conference held at the University of Mauritius from October 23-30, 2003. It is 23 pp long but pp 21/22 is missing. Also included is La Lettre Des Amis de Nicolas Baudin, No. 12 (4e trimester 2003), 4to, 6 pp. There is occasional handwriting on these materials. $15

83. (Comoros). Gould, Lark Ellen, with photographs by Ilene Perlman, The Island of the Moon, from Aramco World, 47,4 (July/August 1996), 28-39. This excellent article is on the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoro Islands. The entire issue is supplied. $10

84. I.C.I.O.S. (International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies, Perth, W.A., Australia, 15-22 August 1979). Three documents are provided: (1) Conference Programme, 4to, 16pp, pictorial paper cover; (2) Section II, Trade & Development, 4to, 196 pp, 10 scholarly papers, decorative paper cover; (3) Section IV, International Politics, 4to,
163 pp, 13 scholarly papers, decorative paper cover. All three items for $20

85. Islands (Winter Park, FL). Seventeen issues (8, 2008; 6, 2009; and 3, 2010) of this gorgeous magazine celebrating island life, culture, and tourism. Tall 8vo, all issues 100 or more pages, endless color photography. All 17 issues for $20.

86. Korail: Ocean Indien, Le Magazine de La Cooperation Regionale (Sainte-Clotilde, La Reunion, No. 3, 1993). 4to, 56 pp, pictorial paper cover. Articles cover the entire IO region. $5

87. Lawton, John. The Sindbad Voyage, from Aramco World Magazine, 32, 5 (Sept.-Oct. 1981), 6-15, with a map and color photos. Traces Timothy Severin’s 6,000 mile voyage in a dhow from Oman to Canton. There is also a short piece by Samuel Pickering, Jr., the fine American writer, on “The Sindbad Stories.” The entire issue is supplied. $10

88. (Mauritius). Le Mag, no. 163 (Baie du Tombeau, 8 decembre 1995). 4to, 42 pp, photos, ads, pictorial paper cover. This issue edited by Jean-Claude de l’Estrac features articles on the upcoming General Election. $10

89. (Mauritius). Special Guide, Le Mag (Decembre 1995). 1st edn, 4 to, 66 pp, ads, pictorial soft cover. A complete guide to the upcoming December 20, 1995 Mauritius Legislative Elections. Complete maps of all 21 electoral districts and photos and biographical information on all candidates are provided. Detailed district by district electoral results from all previous Mauritian elections (1976, 1982, 1983, 1987, and 1991) are also included. $25

90. Miscellaneous VHS eight-track tapes: (1) Dive the World, Maldives (Aqua Vision, South Africa), 50 minutes; (2) The Enchanted Island: Madagascar (Reader’s Digest and ABC/KANE, 1998); (3) The Indian Ocean Experiment (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2000), 29 minutes; (4) Dive the World: Red Sea (Aqua Vision, Canada, 1995), 50 minutes; (5) Seychelles Unique by a Thousand Miles Video Travel Guide; (6) Seychelles: Garden of Eden, 50 minutes. All six for $30.

91. Oceans (San Francisco, CA, The Oceanic Society, no. 4, 1980. 4to. 72 pp, pictorial paper cover. Pages 12-37 comprise five articles on the ocean off Southern Africa. $2

92. (Oman). Simarski, Lynn Teo. Fortified Oman, from Aramco World, 42, 1 (January-February 1991), 8-17. A fine article with maps and color photos describing the work being done to save the architectural heritage of Oman. The entire issue is supplied; the pictorial cover is a 1602 Dutch chart showing the four Omani forts in the Bay of Muscat. $15

93. Sewtohul, Sadhna. An English-Creole Phrasebook (Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, 1986), 1st edn, 24 mo, 56 pp. $10

94. (Seychelles). Seychelles Review, 10th Anniversary Issue (June 2004). Tall 8vo, 34 pp, pictorial soft cover. Accompanying the journal is an autographed letter by Sir James R. Mancham, KBE, Founding President of the Republic of Seychelles. $20

95. (Seychelles). DVD. Footprints on the Sands of Time, Poetry and Philosophy against a Background of Beautiful Seychelles by Sir James R. Mancham, K.B.E. Produced by BBi Media of the United Kingdom for Mahe Publications. Mancham was the founding President of Seychelles. $10

96. (Sri Lanka). What others say…(Colombo, c. 1980). One page broadsheet, 22 x 15 inches, of comments by diplomats, politicians, tourists, actors, astronauts, and others about their stay at the historic Galle Face Hotel, which promises “Yesterday’s Charm & Tomorrow’s Comfort Today.” (Spoiler Alert: They Liked It!) $10



97. (Mauritius: Archival and Library material). Brief Guide to the Mauritius Archives (Government Printer, 1984). 1st edn, 8vo, 13 pp, pictorial soft cover; Annual Report of the Archives Department for the Year 1992 (Government Printer, 1994), 8vo, 24 pp, pictorial soft cover; The Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture, Library Catalogue, 1985). 1st edn, 8vo, 107 pp, pictorial soft cover. All three items for $25

98. SITEX 1985: International Textile and Clothing Exhibition, Mauritius, Nov. 5-8, 1985 (Mauritius, Hongkong Bank and Mauritius Commercial Bank, 1985). 1st edn, 8vo, 89m pp, ads, pictorial soft cover. This is a Directory of all the textile manufacturers and services in Mauritius. $20

99. (Mauritius Economy).

1983 Housing and Population Census of Mauritius; Vol. 2 Demographic Characteristics (Port Louis, Central Statistical Office, 1984). 4to, 83 pp, Complete census form in rear pocket, paper cover.
Bank of Mauritius Annual Report for the Year Ending June 1985. 8vo, 111 pages, soft cover.
Bank of Mauritius Quarterly Review, July to December 1985. 8vo, 60 pp, soft cover.
Handbook of Statistical Data on Tourism (Port Louis, Government Tourist Office, vol. 5, no. 1, June 1985). 4to, 20 pp.
Ireland Blyth Limited. 8vo, 22 pp, b/w and color photos, pictorial soft cover. Colorful Brochure outlining the principal activities (industry, commerce, aviation and tourism, cold storage, engineering, chemicals, etc.) of this largest trading company in Mauritius.
Mauritius (Port Louis, Barclay’s Bank, 1971). 1st edn, 8vo, 43 pp, photos, map, pictorial soft cover.
Mauritius Economic Indicators (Port Louis, Ministry of Economic Planning & Development), nos, 63-64, 66-67 (1988). All 4to, ca. 20 pp, each, paper cover.
Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Annual Reports for 1984, and 1985. 4to, 57/58 pages each, pictorial soft cover.
Mauritius Employers’ Federation, Annual Report 1985. 8vo, 45 pp, pictorial soft cover.
Mauritius: An Economic Overview (Bank of Mauritius, June 1984). 8vo, 66 pp, paper cover.
Reflexions sur L’Economie Mixte (Port Louis, JEC, Juin 1980), 1st edn, 8vo, 59 pp., pictorial soft cover.
Mauritius: The World’s Stepping Stone to Africa: A special sponsored section reprinted from Institutional Investor (1987). 8vo, 20 pp, color photos, map, pictorial soft cover.
Report of Mr. Georges Chung Tung, Chairman of Mauritius Export Processing Zone’s Association on Mauritius Investment Mission in United States of America 24 September –5 October 1984. 4to, 16 pp.

All seventeen (17) items for $50

100. (Seychelles). Iles Seychelles 1997 Phone Book (Mahe, Cable &Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd, 1997). 4to, 112 pp, b/w and color photos, ads, pictorial soft cover. $15

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