Catalogue Number 28

Specializing in Antiquarian Materials about the Indian Ocean Islands and Rim

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This catalogue contains 108 books, and 3 articles and booklets. Many other items are available on my website or by contacting me directly.


1. Ali, Shanti Sadiq, and R. R. Ramchandani, India and the Western Indian Ocean States: Towards Regional Cooperation in Development (Asia Book Corporation of America, 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, dj. $35

2. Amin, Mohamed, D. Willetts, and P. Marshall. Journey through Maldives (Hunter Publications, 1993). 1st edn, folio, 192 pp, profusely illus, dj. A gorgeous book by the late great Kenyan photographer. $25

3. Armstrong, Patrick. Under the Blue Vault of Heaven: A Study of Charles Darwin’s Sojourn in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Perth, Indian Ocean Centre for Peace Studies, 1991). 1st edn, 8vo, ix., 120 pp, illus. $60

4. Baissac, Vaco. Voyage aux mers du sud: Catalogue de l’exposition de Vaco Baissac (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 2005). 1st edn, 8vo, illus, pictorial paper cover. Baissac is a Franco-Mauritian painter and this catalogue represents his highly-sought works. $50

5. Batumalai, S. A History of Christ Church, Melaka (Melaka, the Author, 2003). 1st edn, 8vo, 231 pp, illus, dj. This church, built in 1753, is the oldest functioning Protestant Church in Southeast Asia. It was written while the author was a priest at the church. SIGNED by the author. $225

6. Belletan, Lou. La guerre de la salive (Rose Hill, auto-edition, 1995). 1st edn, 8vo,, 206 pp, 25 maps and illus. A book on Mayotte examining the historical and legal aspects of Mayotte’s status with the Comoros. Includes some fine reproductions of 19th century lithographs, and maps. $35

7. Benoit, Gaetan. The Afro-Mauritians: An Essay (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1985). 1st edn, 8vo, 105 pp, pictorial soft cover. Warm INSCRIPTION (“What need we teach the Afro-Mauritian…Nothing! Let Africanity within him speak to him. It has so much to say to him.”) by the author to Ken McPherson, the fine Indian Ocean historian. $65

8. Berneron-Couvenhes, Marie-Francaise. Les Messageries Maritimes: L’Esssor d’une grande compagnie de navigation francaise, 1851-1894 (Paris, PUPS, 2007). 1st edn, 8vo, 839 pp, b/w and color illus, maps, pictorial soft cover. A seminal history of this great French shipping company to the Indian Ocean and beyond. $100

9. Bertuchi, A. J. The Island of Rodriguez: A British Colony in the Mascarenhas Group (London, John Murray, 1923). 1st edn, 8vo, 117 pp, 47 photos, folding map. Ex-library with the only mark being the remnants of a label inside the back cover. $150

10. Beurois, Jean and Patrick Arnaud. Les Armateurs du Reve/The Bossiere’s Leases and the Exploitaton of the French Companies in the Southern Indian Ocean, 1893-1939 (Marseille, Privately Printed, 1996). 1st edn, 4to, 116 pp, maps, photos, pictorial soft cover, text in England and French. A study of the whaling and sealing activities of the Compagnie General des Iles Kerguelen, Saint-Paul, et Amsterdam. $65

11. Boyle, Richard. BP de Silva: The Royal Jeweller of South-East Asia (Singapore, B. P. de Silva Investments Pte. Ltd., 1989). 1st edn, 8vo, 136 pp, lavishly illus with photos, maps, documents, and prints, pictorial endpapers, dj, as new. B. P. de Silva was born in Galle, Ceylon in 1850 to a modest Sinhalese family. As a teenager he and his father migrated to the Straits Settlements, settling in Singapore where he opened a jewelry shop on High Street in 1872. His exquisite design and craftsmanship led to his patronage by diverse royalty and his career mirrored the rise of Singapore. An unusual story of a Sinhalese man who became a civic leader and philanthropist—well respected in both Singapore and Ceylon. A gorgeous book. SIGNED by the author. $250

12. Brewington, M. V. & Dorothy. Kendall Whaling Museum Prints (Sharon, MA, Kendall Whaling Museum, 1969). 1st edn, 4to, 209 pp, 580 images with full bibliographic information in text; 6 full-page color plates, 17 additional images in addenda, embossed gold leaf on spine and pictorial front cover. Pages 144-150 on the Indian Ocean include 16 prints including: Cape of Good Hope, Algoa Bay, Kerguelen, Amsterdam Island, Port Louis, Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar. The definitive pictorial study of American whaling. INSCRIBED by both authors. $100

13. Bruce, Sir Charles. The Evolution of the Crown Colony of Mauritius, from The Scottish Geographical Magazine (February 1908). 1st edn, 8vo, 22 pp, 4 illus, rebound. Bruce was a former Governor of Mauritius; this copy is SIGNED by the author. $100

14. Burman, Jose. Safe to the Sea (Cape Town, Human & Rousseau, 1962). 1st edn, 8vo, 167 pp, 29 b/w photos, folding map of the Cape Peninsula in an endpaper pocket, dj. A history of the fourteen rivers that flow through the Cape Peninsula. $30

15. Bullen, Frank T. The Cruise of the “Cachalot” Round the World After Sperm Whales (London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1898). 1st edn, xx, 379 pp, folding map, 8 illus, original boards with gilt spine lettering and decorative gilt sperm whale on front cover. The true first edition of this classic of the whaling literature. Kipling wrote, “I’ve never read anything that equals it in its deep sea wonder and mystery.” Pages 76-115 are in the Indian Ocean including, the Cape, Mozambique Channel, Comoros, Aldabra, Cosmoledo, Seychelles, and East Indies. $300

16. The Burrus Collection—Mauritius (London, Robson Lowe, 1963). 1st edn, 8vo, 52 pp, 316 lots, many illus, five color plates. The auction catalogue from a famous collection of Mauritius stamps, including a list of the prices realized. $75

17. Camoens, Luis de. The Lusiads: or, The Discovery of India. An Epic Poem. Translated from the original Portuguese by William Julius Mickle (London, T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, in the Strand, 1798). Two vols. 3rd edn, 8vo. Vol. 1, cccli, 146 pp, folding map of da Gama’s epic voyage; vole 2, 444 pp. Both volumes in ½ leather, gilt stamped decorative spine with lettering and number, somewhat worn. This is the great Portuguese epic poem with 351 pages on the history of the discoveries, the rise and fall of the Portuguese in the East, the life of Luis de Camoens, and the Lusiad and epic poetry; plus the poem itself of over 600 pp with annotations and explanations. A seminal Portuguese work. $225

18. Chapman, J. B. The Career of Arthur Hamilton Gordon, First Lord Stanmore 1829-1912 (Toronto, Univ. of Toronto Press, 1964). 1st edn, 8vo, 387 pp. Hamilton-Gordon was Governor of Mauritius from 1871-1874, and Governor of Ceylon from 1883-1890. There is some underlining on the New Brunswick chapter. SIGNED by the author. $75

19. Cheke, Anthony and Julian Hume, Lost Land of the Dodo: An Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion & Rodrigues (New Haven, Yale UP, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 464 pp, dj, new. Lavishly illustrated with maps, drawings, color photos, and prints covering the entire ecological history of the Mascarenes. A gorgeous scholarly book. $30

20. Handbook of the City Council of Mauritius (Port Louis, City Council, 1966). 1st edn, 8vo, 57 pp, 27 photographic plates. This book was produced to celebrate Port Louis’ newly attained status as a city. $100

21. De Grandpre, L. A Voyage in the Indian Ocean and to Bengal, Undertaken in the Year 1790: containing an Account of the Sechelles-Islands and Trincomale, The Character and Arts of the People of India; with some remarkable religious rites of the inhabitants of Bengal. To Which is added a Voyage in the Red Sea; including a description of Mocha, and of the Trade of the Arabs of Yemen (Brattleborough, VT, William Fessenden, 1814). 2nd USA edn (1st, 1803), 12mo, 311 pp, water stains on a few pages, some foxing, professionally repaired original leather boards. Pages 3-14 Seychelles—one of the earliest descriptions of the islands; 34-47 Trincomale; 17-23, 56-114, the French in India, primarily Pondichery; 114-127 Madras; 128-202, Calcutta and Bengal; 208-213 Cochin; 216-296, Mocha and Arabia. $175

22. D’Unienville, Noel. L’Ile Maurice et sa civilization (Paris, Durassie, 1949). 1st edn, 8vo, illus. Limited edition of 350 copies. $175

23. Dayer, Louis. Les iles Seychelles: Esquisse historique (Sion, Editions Dela Matze, 1974). 2nd edn, 8vo. $35

24. Decary, Raymond, ed. Les voyages du chirurgien Avine aux isles de France, d’Anjouan, de Madagascar, de Mosambique, de Zanzibar, et a la cote de Coromandel (Paris, edition G.Durassie, 1961). 1st edn, 85 pp, 4 photographic plates, Mauritius Archives Publication No. 5, pb. $50

25. Delval, Raymond. Musulmans francais d’origine indienne (Paris, CHEAM, 1987). 1st edn, 8vo, 170 pp, pb. An historic and socio-economic study of the interactions of Muslim communities in the Francophone IO: Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros, Pondicherry. $85

26. Dictionnaire de Biographie Mauricienne/Dictionary of Mauritian Biography, nos. 1-40 (Port Louis, 1941-1984). This is the seminal scholarly work on individuals who have been important in Mauritian history. The Dictionnaire was originally edited by the great Mauritian historian and bibliographer, August Toussaint, from 1941-1952; he was followed by L. Noel Regnard, 1952-1972; J. R. d’Unienville, 1975-1984; and by Raymond d’Unienville, Guy Rouillard, and Alain Mathieu from 1984-present. These forty issues comprise 1224 pages of text, nos. 1-7 of Mutanda et Addenda published (updating prior entries and adding 68 new pages), and a 16 page index to these 40 issues. This is a unique scholarly resource with every biography backed by supporting bibliographical references. These 40 issues have been beautifully rebound in ¾ leather with burgundy marbled boards, gilt lettering, fleurons, and seven raised bands on the spine. $750

27. Discovering the National Monuments of Seychelles (Mahe, Ministry of Culture and Information, Printec Press, 2000). 1st edn, 4to, 87 pp, 36 full page color photos, dj, as new. This lovely book provides full-page photos with an accompanying page of text on major national monuments in Seychelles. The text is written by Tony Mathiot and Jean-Claude Mahoune; the photographs were taken by Gabriel Essack. $75

28. Dossal, Mariam. Imperial Design and Indian Realities: The Planning of Bombay City 1845-1875 (Oxford UP, 1991). 1st edn, 8vo, 251 pp, plates, folding map, pictorial soft cover. $60

29. Downes, Max. First Visitors to Heard Island (Kingston, Tasmania, Australian Antarctic Division Research Note #104, 2002). 1st edn, 8vo, 70 pp, illus, maps. $65

30. Durrell, Gerald. Golden Bats & Pink Pigeons: A Journey to the Flora and Fauna of a Unique Island (New York, Simon and Schuster, 1977). 1st edn, 8vo, 190 pp, b/w illus, dj. SIGNED by the author. $100

31. Duyker, Edward. Dumont d’Urville, Explorer & Polymath (Univ. of Hawaii Press, 2015). 1st edn, 8vo, 664 pp, 70 photos and maps, dj. A long awaited biography of the great French explorer and scientist (1790-1842), often considered France’s Captain Cook. $40

32. Emrith, Moomtaz. The Muslims in Mauritius (Port Louis, Regent Press, 1967). 1st edn, 8vo, 150 pp, illus. pictorial soft cover. INSCRIBED by the author. $125

33. Ferguson, Robert. Harpooner: A Four-Year Voyage on the Barque Kathleen 1880-1884; edited by Leslie Dalrymple Stair; Illus. by Paul Quinn (Philadelphia, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Press, 1936). 1st edn 8vo, illus, endpaper map. From April 1881-February 1882, the ship was whaling in the Indian Ocean including: Europa, Comoros, Bird Island, Aldabra, Zanzibar, off the Cape and Madagascar. $30

34. Ferrari, Maxime. Sunshine and Shadows: A Personal Story (London, Minerva, 1999). 1st edn, 8vo, 523 pp, 8 plates, 3 maps, pictorial soft cover. The memoirs of a Seychelles politician and government minister. $60

35. Filliot, J.-M. La Traite des Esclaves vers Les Mascareignes au XVIII siècle (Paris, Ostrom, 1974). 1st edn, 8vo, 273 pp, 63 maps and illus. $175

36. Frain, Irene. Les naufrages de l’ile Tromelin (Paris, editions Michel Lafon, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 371 pp, map, pictorial soft cover. This book relates the story of a group of slaves who were abandoned on Tromelin island off the coast of Madagascar in 1761. The slaves—men, women, and children—had to survive on this small desolate islet; they were rescued many years later. $40

37. Furtado, J. V. Bombay the Beautiful (Bombay, Thacker’s Press, 1957). 1st edn, 8vo, 152 pp, illus, large folding map in pocket, dust wrapper. $125

38. Goswami, Chhaya. Globalization before its Time: The Gujarati Trades of the Indian Ocean (Delhi, Penguin Books, 2016). 1st edn, 8vo, 272 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover, as new. $25

39. Gray, Howard. Christmas Island—Naturally: the natural history of an isolated oceanic island, the Australian Territory of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean (Geraldton, Western Australia, published by the author, 1981). 1st edn, oblong 8vo, 132 pp, profusely illus, dj. SIGNED by the author. $45

40. Green, Lawrence G. Harbours of Memory (Cape Town, Howard Timmins, 1969). 1st edn, 8vo, 255 pp, 5 illus, dj. A book largely on IO harbors: pages 1-40, Cape Town; 41-53 Simon’s Bay; 61-80 Mossel Bay; 81-90 Port Elizabeth; 91-101 Port Alfred; 102-110 East London; 111-128 Wild Coast; 129-136 Durban; 137-151 Lourenco Marques, Beira, Mozambique Island; 152-159 Dar es Salam; 160-173 Port Louis, Mauritius. $15

41. Green, Lawrence G. Tavern of the Seas (Cape Town, Howard Timmins, n.d. but 1947). 1st edn, 8vo, 205 pp, 13 illus, endpaper map, worn dj. A colorful history of Cape Town. $15

42. Grihault, Alan. Solitaire: The Dodo of Rodrigues Island (Port Louis, Preciraph, 2007). 1st edn, 8vo, 117 pp, color and b/w illus, pb, as new. The solitaire, also extinct, was a relative of the dodo unique to the tiny island of Rodrigues. SIGNED by the author. $45

43. Grimshaw, Brandon. A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island (Nairobi, Camerapix, 1996). 1st edn, 8vo, 210 pp, profusely illus with color and b/w photos, endpaper maps. INSCRIBED by the author. $75

44. Guan, Yeoh Seng, et. al. Penang and its Region: The Story of an Asian Entrepot (Singapore, National University of Singapore, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 260 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. $60

45. Gunaratna, Rohan and Mustag Hussain. The Maldives: Home of the Children of the Sea (Male, Novelty Printers, 1990). 1st edn, 8vo, 108 pp, colored illus, maps, hard cover. $30

46. Hart, Robert-Edward. The Poet of the Indian Ocean (Portland, ME, The Mosher Press, 1937). 1st edn, 8vo, 29 pp, b/w illus, partially uncut, gray boards with paper label; translated by Edna Worthley Underwood. $40

47. Hazareesingh, Kissoonsingh. Hazareesingh at 80: L’homme et son oeuvre (Port Louis, 1991). Revised edn, 217 pp, 32 photos, pictorial paper cover, with dj. A volume of contributions in honor of KH and which consider many of the political and literary controversies of 20th century Mauritius. INSCRIBED by KH. $95

48. Hirth, H. and A. Carr. The Green Turtle in the Gulf of Aden and the Seychelles Islands (Amsterdam, North-Holland Publishing Co., 1970). 1st edn, 8vo, 44 pp, 7 plates. $40

49. Hoyt, Sarnia Hayes. Old Malacca (Kuala Lumpur, Oxford UP, 1993) 1st edn, 12 mo, xi, 84 pp, 16 color and 26 b/w illus, pictorial hard cover. INSCRIBED by the author. $60

50. Hugnin, Pierre. Ma carrier et mes souvenirs de chasseur (Port Louis, Mauritius Printing, c. 1975), 2nd edn, 8vo, 100 pp, 17 photos, pictorial paper cover, as new. Hugnin, a Franco-Mauritian, writes passionately about hunting in the Mauritius countryside from 1914-1940. $100

51. Indian Centenary Book (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1976). 2nd edn, 8vo, 123 pp. A reprint of the 1936 first edition published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Indian immigrants to Mauritius. The book includes contributions from young Hindu intellectuals, including Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. who would play a major role in the political evolution of the island. $50

52. Jackson, Ashley, War and Empire in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean (London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2001). 1st edn, 8vo, 241 pp, illus. $75

53. Jehle, Michael A. From Brant Point to the Boca Tigris: Nantucket and the China Trade (Nantucket, Nantucket Historical Association, 1994). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 107 pp, b/w and color illus, pictorial soft cover. Catalogue from a 1994 exhibition at the Nantucket Whaling Museum; a lovely book. $25

54. Johnstone, Denise. Reveil Seychellois: Life in Seychelles 1770-1903 (Mahe, Calusa Bay Publications, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 138 pp, 34 b/w illus, map, pictorial soft cover, as new. INSCRIBED by the author. $125

55. Kaplan, Marion. Focus Africa: A Photojournalist’s Perspective (Garden City, NY, Doubleday & Co. 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, 468 pp, map, color and b/w photos throughout, dj. Chapter 11, 262-284 on the Indian Ocean islands; other chapters on all the African countries bordering on the Indian Ocean from the Horn of Africa to South Africa. $25

56. La Reunion. Special issue of Richesses de France (Paris, no. 45, October 1960). Tall 8vo, 145 pp, richly illus with color and b/w photos, pictorial paper cover. Chapters cover history, geography, population, de Gaulle’s visit, etc. $60

57. Larson, Pier M. Ocean of Letters: Language and Creolization in an Indian Ocean Disapora (Cambridge, Cambridge UP, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 398 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover, as new. An impressive history of imperialism, language, slavery, and creolization of Malagasy-language peoples throughout the Western Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mascarenes, Comoros) from the 17th through the 19th centuries. $30

58. LeBlond, Marius. Les grandes heures des iles des mers francaise (Paris, edition Colbert, 1949). 1st edn, 8vo, 333 pp, 10 b/w photos, slight tear at base of spine, pictorial paper cover. Covers the Western IO: Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles. $50

59. Le Juge de Segrais, Rene. Les deux princesses (Port Louis, Mauritius Archives Publication No. 7, 1963). 1st edn, 8vo, 119 pp, 3 photographic plates, pb. This publication is ½ text ½ documents and tells the story of a woman who lived in Ile de France (Mauritius) in the 18th century and professed to be a princess of the Russian Imperial court. Le Juge is an esteemed genealogical scholar. $90

60. Lim, Irene. Sketches in the Straits (Singapore, Editions Didier Millet, 2003). 1st edn, 8vo, 127 pp, illus throughout, appendix, bibliography, new, dj. . This book is about Charles Dycc, a 19th century artist, and features the collection of his paintings held by the National University of Singapore. Dycc painted throughout Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malacca, Penang, Batavia, etc. $125

61. Lionnet, Guy. Les Memoires imagines de J-B Queau de Quinssy (A.R.R. Creoles, Collection Mascarin, 1988). 1st edn, 8vo, illus, pictorial paper cover. Queau de Quinssy was a French soldier and administrator who served as commandant of Seychelles from 1793 until the surrender of Seychelles to Britain in 1811. $50

62. Lorence, David H. and Reginald E. Vaughan. Annotated Bibliography of Mascarene Plant Life (Kauai, Hawaii, National Tropical Botanical Garden, 1992). 1st edn, 8vo, 274 pp, illus, dj. $40

63. Ly Tio Fane, Madeleine, compiler. Mauritius and the Spice Trade: The Triumph of Jean Nicolas Cere and his Isle Bourbon Collaborators (Paris, Mouton & Co., 1970). 1st edn, 8vo, 302 pp, 4 plates, 110 documents, 2 maps. $50

64. Ly Tio Fane Pineo, Huguette. La Diaspora Chinoise dans l’Ocean Indien Occidental (Aix-en-Provence, Institut d’Histoire des Pay d’Outre-Mer, 1981). 1st edn, 8vo, 408 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. $75

65. McAteer, William. This is an offer for McAteer’s three-volume: The History of Seychelles from Discovery to Independence, presented in a boxed presentation case. Vol. 1, Rivals in Eden: The History of Seychelles 1742-1827 (Mahe, Pristine, 1991; revised 2001; reprinted 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 314 pp, 4 maps, 40 illus, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 2, Hard Times in Paradise: The History of Seychelles 1827-1919 (Mahe, Pristine, 2000; reprinted 2008), 1st edn, 8vo, 322 pp, 43 illus, map, endpaper illus, dj; Vol. 3. To Be a Nation, The History of Seychelles 1920-1976 (Mahe, Pristine, 2008). 1st edn, 8vo, 477 pp, 5 maps, 39 illus, endpaper illus, dj. $150

66. McCue, Paul. Behind Enemy Lines with the SAS: The Story of Amedee Maingard SOE Agent (Barnsley, UK, Pen and Sword Military, 2007). 1st edn, 8vo, illus, dj, as new. A detailed story of the role and actions of Amedee Maingard and other Franco-Mauritians as British secret operatives in occupied France. $50

67. Mason, Michael. Willoughby the Immortal. An Account of the Life and Actions of Rear-Admiral Sir Nesbit Willoughby, KT, C.B., K.C.H. (1777-1849) “The Hero of Mauritius”. (Oxford, Alden, 1969). 1st edn, 8vo, 102 pp, 3 plates, chart, map, blue cloth. SIGNED by the author. $65

68. Maudave, Armand and Jean Pierre Lenoir, eds. Presence francaise. Isle de France—Ile Maurice, 1715-2015 (Port Louis, Editions du Corsaire, 2015). 1st edn, tall 8vo, 195 pp, profusely illus with rare photos, lithographs, maps, hard cover. A large and beautiful book published on the 300th anniversary of the French arrival on the island, with contributions from various authors on all aspects of the French presence. $150

69. Maujean, Marie Josee. From Island to Continent (Victoria, Lienless Press, 1998). 1st edn, 8vo, 276 pp, illus with many family photos, pb. The story of a Franco-Mauritian family who emigrated to Australia in the 1960s. A fine book on Franco-Mauritian life in Mauritius prior to independence, and a useful sequel to Duyker’s book on the Lionnet/Commins family. Includes several genealogical trees of Franco-Mauritian families. $100

70. Metcalf, Thomas. Imperial Connection: India in the Indian Ocean Arena, 1860-1920 (Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 2007). 1st edn, 8vo, 264 pp, illus, pictorial soft cover. A study of Indian migration throughout the British Empire during the height of the Raj. $25

71. Meldrum, Charles, M.A. On the Meteorology of Port Louis in the Island of Mauritius (The British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1867). 1st edn, 8vo, 43 pp, disbound from The Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Dundee, 1867. $45

72. Millard, Catherine. Rodrigues: The First Settlement, 1691 (Mauritius, Christian Heritage Ministries, 2004). 1st edn, 8vo, 114 pp, illus, maps. On Francois Legaut on Rodrigues, 1691-1693. $100

73. Milon, Philippe, Jean-Jacques Petter & Georges Randrianasolo. Faune de Madagascar XXXV Oiseaux (Paris, CNRS, and Tananarive, ORSTOM, 1973). Two volumes, 1st edn, tall 8vo, pictorial soft cover. Vol. 1, 263 pp with illustrations from line drawings, a map, and the bookplate of the famous ornithologist S. Dillon Ripley 2nd, who was also Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution from 1964-1984. Vol. II. Planches. 18 full-page plates (17 in color) of well over 200 birds. $45

74. Miller, Frederic P. Aapravasi Ghat (Alphascript Publishing, 2009). 1st edn, 8vo, 100 pp, illus, pb. The Aapravasi Ghat was the immigration building complex in Port Louis, Mauritius, through which nearly 500,000 Indian indentured laborers passed between 1849-1923. The surviving buildings are now protected as a national monument. $80

75. Murray, Joyce, ed. In Mid-Victorian Cape Town: Letters from Miss Rutherfoord (Cape Town,A. A. Balkema, 1968). 1st edn, 12mo, 167 pp, marbled boards, plus seven pencil sketches by Elizabeth Wingfield Le Camp, from her Sketch Book (1856). Emma Rutherfoord was the daughter of H. E. Rutherfoord, a prosperous merchant and an elected member of the Legislative Council. Many of these letters are about their life in Sea Point. $10

76. Mutibwa, P. M. The Malagasy and the Europeans: Madagascar’s Foreign Relations 1861-1895 (Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Humanities Press, 1974). 1st edn, 8vo, 411 pp, 6 maps, b/w photos, dj. $15

77. Namboodiri, P. K. S. and J. P. Anand, and Sreedhar. Intervention in the Indian Ocean (New Delhi, ABC Publishing House, 1982). 1st edn, 8vo, 361 pp, 3 maps, dj. This book assesses external interventions in all the countries and territories of the Western IO. $15

78. Noel, Karl. L’esclavage a l’isle de France de 1715-1810 (Paris, edition Two Cities, 1991). 1st edn, 190 pp, pb. INSCRIBED by the author. $60

79. North-Coombes, Alfred, ed. La Decouverte des Mascareignes par les Arabes et les Portugais: retrospective et muse au point (Port Louis, Mauritius Printing, 1994). 2nd edn (1st , 1979), 8vo, 175 pp, 14 plates, pictorial soft cover. $50

80. North-Coombes, Alfred. The Island of Rodrigues (Port Louis, 2002). 2nd edn (1st 1971), 8vo, 337 pp, 17 illus, 3 maps, hard cover. as new. In retirement, North-Coombes wrote this definitive history of Rodrigues where he had been going regularly since 1937, including military duty in 1942-43. INSCRIBED by North-Coombes’s daughter. $50

81. Nourault, Anne and Jean-Claude, eds. Mauritius: Ten Years After Independence (Mauritius, Ile de France Publishing House, 1977). 1st edn, 4to, 391 pp, numerous colored illus. Presentation copy SIGNED by Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the first Prime Minister of Mauritius. $125

82. Nwulia, Moses. The History of Slavery in Mauritius and the Seychelles, 1810-1875 (Rutherford, NJ, Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1981). 1st edn, 8vo, 246 pp. $175

83. Ondaatje, Michael. The Cat’s Table (New York, Alfred Knopf, 2001). 1st edn, 8vo, dj. A marvelous and enchanting coming of age story set on a 1950s passenger liner traveling from Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to England. SIGNED by this fine Sri Lankan writer. $35

84. Ong, Pamela. Fortitude: The Life and Times of Heah Joo Seang (Singapore, Straits Times Press, 2014). 1st edn, 8vo, 182 pp, illus, dj, new. This is a biography of a prominent businessman in Penang in the first half of the 20th century. Seang was a Straits-born Chinese and was active in the rubber industry, in politics, and in philanthropy. SIGNED by the author. $75

85. Plevitz, Loretta de. Restless energy: A biography of Adolphe de Plevitz (Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1987). 1st edn, 8vo, 251 pp, 9 photos, pictorial paper cover. This is the sole biography of de Plevitz (1837-1893) who was known for his support of Indian workers far before this became common. INSCRIBED by the author. $100

86. Prosper, Jean-Georges. Histoire de la literature mauricienne de langue francaise (Port Louis, EOI, 1978). 1st edn, 8vo, 345 pp, pictorial paper cover. . A reference book on Mauritian writers, poets, and journalists covering everything published since the French period. $100

87. Quenette, Rivaltz. La francomaconnerie a l’ile Maurice (Port Louis, editions La Vauverdoise, 1988). 1st edn, 8vo, 157 pp, 7 photos, pictorial paper covers. A history of freemasonry in Mauritius. $90

88. Quincy, Ferdinand M., ed. Rodrigues College: Edumenism (United States, Stapress, 2011). 1st edn, 8vo, 128pp, pb. Rodrigues College, a secondary school located in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, was formed in 1973 by the merger of an Anglican and a Roman Catholic school. This book is comprised of articles about the school and its history. $75

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